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Welcome to an all new! Our redesigned site offers users an experience that reflects NC State itself. Innovative. Purposeful. Modern. Regular users will notice something immediately about this site: There’s less of it.The project included the review and updating of more than 10,000 pages and 3,000 documents. In redesigning and rebuilding, we took direction from NC State’s main site, The value of every page and subpage has been considered to reflect our external audiences; removing content that lacked utility and erasing barriers between users and the information they seek. The entirety of the new will phase in over the next several months. This initial phase involves the rollout of all top tier, public pages. The second phase will focus on a new directory management system and applications for enhanced site capabilities. The final phase will be an on-going improvement process as all pages within the site are updated as needed. We’ve streamlined and clarified the organization of Primary navigation on our homepage and throughout is organized around topics: About CVM, Education, Student Life, Research, Outreach, Partnerships, and Hospital. On these pages and the homepage itself, you’ll learn about our world-leading faculty and staff, high-performing students, and the solution-driven research and scholarship they produce. Our secondary navigation, located just below the search box in the top-right corner of all our pages, contains utilities important to key audiences: students, faculty and staff, alumni and donors, veterinarians and animal owners. This website is maintained by the NC State CVM Office of Communications and Marketing. As with any new site, you might find broken links, if you have a moment, please notify us via the form below. As always, we welcome your feedback and input.

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