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Amanda Jeffries, Class of 2014

Job title: Veterinary corps officer, U.S. Army Veterinary Corps

Describe your current position and what led to your job.
Branch chief (lead veterinarian) for four sections across Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Describe job opportunity trends in your industry. What does the future look like for your industry?
Consistent/steady opportunities.

What advice would you offer alumni/students looking for a job in your field?
Take opportunities to extern in the field of your interest.

What is the best career advice you have received?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Share one “do” or “don’t” that you have learned regarding resumes, interviewing, networking or job searching tactics.
Do establish your references early and stay in contact with those individuals.

Anything else you would like to add?
Think about who influenced you to pursue this career. Remember what you liked about how they practiced medicine and try to incorporate those positive attributes into your practice. On the converse, think about those who may have made you question this career choice and don’t be like them. Be the inspiration for the future.