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Educational Support Services

Proactively seeking ways to support faculty in their instruction

Instructional Support – Test Preparation

Paper Exams

  • Faculty will request ESS for preparing exam packet. ESS prepares a supply of bathroom log, cover sheets (scratch paper), extra pencils, scantron sheets, and an additional packet for regular classroom, DSO or make-up exam.
  • Course coordinators will pick up or send a teaching proxy the day before or day of the exam.
  • ESS receives completed exam packets from the course coordinator and delivers scantrons to the main campus for converting them to electronic data.
  • ESS receives the electronic grade data from the scantron service on the main campus.
  • ESS picks up printed detailed statistics report, scans it in and places it in the Google drive for the instructor and course coordinator.
  • ESS can either record the student grades to Moodle gradebook or send the grades to an instructor if requested.

Moodle Exams

ESS empower CVM faculty use technology whenever and wherever they need to use. Creating Moodle exam is one of purposes of empowering CVM faculty. However, the services below is still available.

  • ESS sets up Moodle exam with open and end dates.
  • ESS helps faculty to add DSO students and accommodations.
  • ESS assists faculty generating grade report.

ExamSoft Exams

  • ESS sets up start and end date and time of exam in ExamSoft.
  • ESS sends an email to course coordinators or instructors to acquire the schedule of exams for those using ExamSoft.
  • ESS prepares a proctor packet that includes backup paper exams.
  • ESS contacts faculty with exam scores report and adjusts grades accordingly.

DSO Policy

ESS prepares DSO exam packets and stores them in room C-116 a day before or same day of an exam, depending on the exam time.

  • Proctor will pick up the packet from C-116 and go to the assigned classroom within the library.
  • Proctor asks students to sign in the packet sign-in sheet as students come in.
  • Proctor distributes the exam to students.
  • Proctor takes the exam packet back to the C-116 when exam is over.

ESS attends exams in the regular classroom to assist with technical issues and is on-call for proctor support in the DSO rooms.

  • Proctor picks up the packet from C-116 and goes to the assigned classroom.
  • Proctor asks students to sign in the packet sign-in sheet as students come in.
  • Proctor provides a password for Examplify exam to students.
  • When the exam is finished, Proctor takes the exam packet back to C-116.

Instructional Support – Course & Instructor Evaluation

  • ESS sends an email to all department delegates and Dr. Nelson May 1st asking for a list of instructors needing evaluation for the coming academic year. The list should be delivered to ESS by May 15th.
  • ESS creates/updates the Teaching Evaluation Information survey.
  • ESS sends Teaching Evaluation Information survey to the list of faculty requiring evaluation using the the following schedule:
    Fall Semester – June 1
    Fall Selectives – October 1
    Spring Semester – November 1
    Spring Selectives – March 1
  • Dr. Nelson will announce to CCs each semester that they need to review and edit course outcomes for content and number (3-7).
  • ESS will collect the course outcomes from each course syllabus and contact course coordinators if necessary.
  • ESS creates/updates the combined evaluation template and trains the staff assistant how to create evaluations from the template.
  • ESS makes combined evaluation form for each course in Qualtrics and removes instructor section if no instructors are set to be evaluated.
  • ESS requests course rosters from Student Services to be delivered in an excel file.
  • ESS imports course rosters into Qualtrics and attaches each roster to the appropriate course evaluation form.
  • ESS sets Qualtrics to send initial emails to course enrollees using the following schedule based on Evaluation of Teaching policies: (
Fall Semester (Mid) 6.5 weeks into semester September 15
Fall Semester (End) Last two weeks of classes November 1
Fall Selectives (Week 1) Middle of Selectives week 1 November 29
Fall Selectives (Week 2 & 2-week) Middle of Selectives week 2 December 6
Spring Semester (Mid) 6.5 weeks into semester February 21
Spring Semester (End) Last two weeks of classes March 29
Spring Selectives (Week 1) Middle of Selectives week 1 April 26
Spring Selectives (Week 2 & 2-week) Middle of Selectives week 2 May 3

  • ESS sets reminder emails every N days until the evaluation closing date prior to final exam days.
  • ESS extracts the evaluation data out of Qualtrics.
  • ESS organizes the extracted data into both course and instructor report forms for each course and each instructor.
  • ESS sends the instructor evaluation report to the department heads and individual instructors.
  • ESS places completed instructor evaluation forms in ESS “Evaluation Data (shared)” > “Instructors” Google drive within the appropriate departmental sub-folder. Each sub-folder is shared only with department head and department delegate.
  • ESS sends the course evaluation report to FCCCE, department heads and Academic Affairs office.
  • ESS places completed course evaluation forms in ESS “Evaluation Data (shared)” > “Courses” Google drive. This folder is shared only with FCCE, department heads, and Academic Affairs office.