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Dr. Lauren Schnabel and Dr. Katie Sheats applied for the grant from the NC Horse Council.

Apr 6, 2023

NC Horse Council Helps NC State Care for On-Campus Herds

The NC Horse Council has awarded a grant to the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine to help the college care for its on-campus horses that participate in the advancement of equine health and translational medicine. “We are thrilled that the NC Horse Council has chosen to help support the animals that are critical to equine… 

Dr. Margaret Gruen

Apr 4, 2023

New Initiative: NC State Answering Demand for a Feline Health Center

The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is emphasizing the need for cat-focused care by creating a Feline Health Center, consolidating all of its feline expertise under one umbrella. 

Fourth-year student Francess Blake intubates a feral cat on the mobile hospital.

Apr 3, 2023

March News and Updates: Overwhelming Success for Day of Giving and Open House

In the Spotlight ALL ABOARD! The NC State Mobile Veterinary Hospital frequently travels around the state to help communities with spaying and neutering feral and waiting-to-be-adopted animals. The hospital, directed by Dr. Kelli Ferris, recently spent a day sterilizing feral cats at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Animal Rescue Center, giving fourth-year students a chance to work… 

The Grover family from Burgaw, North Carolina, attended the Open House 2023.

Mar 28, 2023

Open House 2023: ‘It’s important for kids to see what they dream about’

Periodic rain couldn’t dampen the excitement as the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine revived its popular Open House after a three-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community members by the hundreds strolled by the tents of local animal rescue groups, through the halls of the hospital, health and wellness center and research building and… 

Student Francess Blake cares for cats on the NC State Veterinary Mobile Hospital

Mar 23, 2023

Day of Giving Supporters Shower Veterinary Medicine with Record-Breaking Generosity

In just 24 hours, College of Veterinary Medicine supporters gave an amazing $9.3 million to help us continue our groundbreaking research, compassionate clinical care and world-class education for future veterinarians and researchers. 

Lisa Becton, Emily Mahan-Riggs, Don Banks and Hunter Everett

Mar 17, 2023

Swine Veterinarians Association Recognizes Excellence of 2 NC State alums, 2 students

Two alumni of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and two current students were honored at a recent conference of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians. Dr. Emily Mahan-Riggs, CVM class of 2017, won the $10,000 AASV Hogg Scholarship. Dr. Lisa Becton, CVM class of 1994, was awarded the Technical Services/Allied Industry Veterinarian of the… 

horse getting CT scan

Mar 16, 2023

Day of Giving 2023: How You Can Help the College of Veterinary Medicine

Every gift tells a story, and together we can write the next chapters on groundbreaking research, compassionate clinical care and world-class education at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. 

happy pack of dogs

Mar 15, 2023

Research Roundup NC State Veterinary Medicine, March 2023

Investigating Chernobyl’s Genetic Effects on Animals and Humans Gabriella Spatola, Reuben Buckley, Megan Dillon, Emily Dutrow, Jennifer Betz, Małgorzata Pilot, Heidi Parker, Wiesław Bogdanowicz, Rachel Thomas, Ihor Chyzhevskyi, Gennadi Milinevsky, Norman Kleiman, Matthew Breen, Elaine Ostrander, Timothy Mousseau Several scientific and medical entities, including the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, are investigating the lasting effects… 

Elf spends some time outside with his clinical care team

Feb 28, 2023

Winter News and Updates: Innovators, Life-Changers and Problem-Solvers in Action

Stay up to date on how the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine has been exceptional in saving lives, devising innovative programs and winning awards.  

Dr. Breanna Sheahan, far left, technician Karie Tucker and Dr. Kimberly Hallowell, right, led the care of Elf the donkey.

Feb 17, 2023

From Praying to Braying: Donkey’s Cascade of Crises Doesn’t Faze Care Team

When nearly everything that can go wrong does go wrong, Elf the very sick donkey and his persistent and grateful owner learned that the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is exactly the right place to be.  Through Elf’s pneumonia, severe diarrhea, bacterial infection, viral infection, autoimmune response to plasma and several rectal prolapses, the NC State…