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Compounding Days

Dan Aber is the Assistant Director of Pharmacy/Operations Manager at the Veterinary Hospital. Dan has been with the CVM for the past eight years.  A typical day in the veterinary pharmacy world is never the same.  Starting the day with the inpatient new prescriptions first, then working on sending a 24 hour supply to all of the treatment areas within the hospitals.  After the inpatient prescriptions are being completed, it’s time for chemotherapy admixture and sterile compounding. At this point each day, the pharmacy staff begin working on new orders and continue on them throughout the day.  In between all of the previously listed, they’re answering questions from multiple origins.

Dan enjoys compounding, especially sterile and chemotherapy preparation.  He is inspired by Gigi Davidson, who has been the trend setter in veterinary pharmacy for thirty plus years and Dan strives to be as knowledgeable as her one day. Dan shares his home with three dogs, Savannah who is a 14 year old lab mix, Rudy who is an 8 year old Boston Terrier and Bently who is a 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys swimming and is a member of Raleigh Area Masters swim team.  He also enjoys biking, going to the beach, dining at many of the great restaurants in Raleigh and going to just about any live sporting event.  He also likes spending time with his daughters Mila, who is 10 and Winnie who is 5.