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CVM Magazine Goes Digital

We are proud to announce the new issue of CVM Magazine! The CVM Magazine, much like our website, is evolving to fit the needs of our many audiences. We’re working to recast the editorial direction of the magazine both textual and visual, broadening it into a general-interest style magazine, examining stories through the lens of compassion and science with stories that engage our community.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce that CVM Magazine’s first digital edition is now available. We have always made our stories accessible online via PDF’s, however, dispersed PDF’s do not make a user-friendly online magazine. With our new platform, readers can highlight snippets of articles or images and share them socially. In the future, this will allow us to provide all the visual impact of paper, enhanced by interesting interactive elements within the magazine.

Creating a magazine takes a lot of hard work and heart. We’d like to thank the following individuals for their time in helping create this issue:

Callie Fogle
Terri DeFrancesco/ Bruce Keene
Jeff Applegate
Diane Ferello/ Barrett Slenning
Alumni & Students:
James McCrea
Patrick Benson
Douglas Ray
Luke Martin
Sarah Dunnigan
Jessica Smith


We also like to thank our editor, Dave Green. Dave helps to develop story ideas for each issue, works with the writers and designers to finalize stories, sources and layout; and manages the overall workflow of the magazine. Thank you, Dave, for all of your hard work on this issue!

Contribute an article or idea:
The CVM communications and marketing team is always looking for more creative and committed volunteers to help with providing content for the magazine. Please send an email to if you have an idea for a new topic or feature for the CVM that you would like to help bring to the community.