CVM Pathology Residents Earn Research Honors

Three NC State College of Veterinary Medicine residents have received 2019 Young Investigator Awards recognizing outstanding pathology research presentations.

Clinical pathology resident Amy DiDomenico and anatomic pathology residents Elizabeth Alloway and Megan Schreeg took home the honors earlier this month at the annual joint meeting of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and American Society of Veterinary Clinical Pathology. DiDomenico took top investigator honors from the ASCVP. Alloway received first place and Schreeg won second place in the ACVP’s anatomic pathology young researcher category.

The CVM’s three-year clinical pathology and anatomic pathology resident training programs prepare postgraduates for a variety of pathology jobs, including positions in universities, diagnostic laboratories and within toxicologic and pharmaceutical industries.

In addition to the traditional three-year program, anatomic pathology residents at the CVM can take part in the Carolina comparative pathology program, a partnership between NC State at the UNC School of Medicine, the National Cancer Institute graduate scholars in molecular pathology program and the poultry pathology program.

Veterinary pathologists are pivotal partners in diagnosing and treating animal disease. As in human medicine, veterinary clinical pathologists analyze bodily fluid, such as blood and urine, to diagnose diseases, while anatomic pathologists examine organs and tissues.

Clinical and anatomic pathology focus areas are also available to NC State DVM students as part of the CVM’s Department of Population Health and Pathobiology.