CVM Staff Honored With 2020 Awards for Excellence

Five NC State College of Veterinary Medicine and NC State Veterinary Hospital staff members have been selected to receive 2020 Awards for Excellence, the highest honor given to non-faculty employees at the college. 

There were 15 nominees submitted for recognition by CVM colleagues.

The Awards for Excellence is a brilliant program,” said CVM Dean Paul Lunn. “It lets us recognize and applaud the hard and creative work staff do that keep this college and university performing.”

The winners receive eight hours of paid time off and $250. They are now candidates for the university-wide Awards for Excellence. If honored there, they become eligible for the Governor’s Award for Excellence.

“It is a really warm and positive event that recognizes many of our most amazing people,” said Lunn. “The award brings all the colleges across NC State together.”

Here is a complete list of winners and nominees.

2020 CVM Award for Excellence Winners

SHRA Employees

Curtis Colwell, Operations Manager
Category: Human Relations

Colwell is honored for being an excellent leader and problem-solver who always brings a positive and helpful attitude to his work. Colwell is also noted for his leadership role on the team working on the CVM’s values initiative.

Bobbie Fox, Accounting Technician
Category: Efficiency and Innovation

Fox is recognized for her leadership and helpful attitude in the Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, developing new and innovative ways of tracking complex budgets and expenditures and sharing this knowledge with a new department head and faculty in easily accessible ways.

Mike Lowe, Medical Support Technician
Category: Spirit of North Carolina

An experienced operating room technician, Lowe is honored as a committed mentor to younger colleagues and as someone who embodies the spirit of North Carolina particularly through his support of the CVM’s Turtle Rescue Team.

Andrea Thomson, Research Specialist and Lab Supervisor
Category: Customer Service

Thomson is honored for her commitment to excellent customer service in support of her colleagues, including her leadership, versatility, problem-solving ability, team-building ability and teaching skills. 

EHRA Employee: John Freund, Research Specialist
Category: Efficiency and Innovation

Freund earned this award for his efficiency, attention to detail, and work ethic. The lab safety protocols and standard operating procedure documents he drafted have been used as examples both at the CVM and by state safety inspectors. 

2020 CVM Award for Excellence Nominees

SHRA Employees

Carrie Emke, research specialist, was nominated in the human relations category for going the extra mile with her colleagues to build morale and create a positive and inclusive team atmosphere, all while bringing passion and dedication to her work.

Kyle Gibson, administrative support specialist, was nominated in the customer service category for bringing a consistently upbeat, energetic, thorough and helpful attitude to his work at the front desk of the Health and Wellness Center. 

Elizabeth Lorang was nominated in the customer service category for her patience and ability to work with large animals in diagnostic imaging, for her ability to teach veterinary students and for providing support for the service, frequently after hours, to assist colleagues.

Anna McClour was nominated in the efficiency and innovation category as an anesthesia technician who puts patient care above all, is an outstanding instructor, and is poised and professional at all times.

Tessie Moreno was nominated in the outstanding state government service category for her work as an administrative support specialist who exemplifies professionalism and empathy at all times.

James Robey, medical diagnostic technician, was nominated in the customer service category for his versatility, multitasking skills, ability to learn and “can do” attitude performing multiple duties in the radiology service.

Minelly Rosado was nominated in the customer service category for bringing a friendly, helpful and consistently positive professional demeanor to her work as a pharmacy technician.

Ferris Wilkins, administrative support specialist, was nominated in the customer service category, she is cited for maintaining a positive and professional attitude and playing a key role in organizing special events such as orientation and the White Coat Ceremony.

Wesley Woody was nominated in the customer service category for his work as the audio-visual coordinator for the CVM. For example, he has been instrumental in upgrading the technology in the lecture halls and meeting rooms at the college for the past two years. He has handled these responsibilities with grace and skill.

EHRA Employee

Abby Sharpnack was nominated in the customer service category for her work as an anesthesia scheduler. She is a skilled professional who balances differing personalities with grace and exhibits positive energy.

~Steve Volstad/NC State Veterinary Medicine