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CVM Students Study French Swine System

College of Veterinary Medicine students participated in an International Pork Selective exchange program with the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse in France.   

Third year student Lisa Thompson and fourth year student Sara Dillon, both student members of the sponsoring American Association of Swine Veterinarians, were hosted by Dr. Guy-Pierre Martineau. During the two-week visit, the students spent time with a company veterinarian in the area of Pau visiting swine farms and a processing facility, and accompanied the French veterinary students on their swine clinical rotations.

The CVM students learned about the unique aspects of French production such as utilization of hyper prolific sows, widespread use of liquid feeding systems, and European welfare initiatives. In addition, since the farms visited housed fewer sows than those in North Carolina and were predominantly managed and operated by family members, students were able to observe impressive animal husbandry practices.

Thompson and Dillon were presented with opportunities to implement the French approach to solving herd health management challenges. Special emphasis was placed on French heritage sites and practices, such as production of the rare French Porc Gascon (Noir de Bigorre), an established swine breed of Southern France. The experience broadened their knowledge of international trade, antimicrobial use, nutrition, disease diagnosis and French culture.

July 6, 2010