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Danielle Brown, Class of 2006

Job title: Principal veterinary pathologist, Charles River Laboratories

Describe your current position and what led to your job.

I am a toxicologic pathologist working in a contract research lab. I am involved in preclinical safety testing of drugs and chemicals to determine whether they are safe for humans.

Describe job opportunity trends in your industry. What does the future look like for your industry?

Veterinary pathology is an exciting profession. We are at the forefront of the drug development process, which is an ever-changing field. New techniques are being developed every day. I am always challenged and learning new things in this job.

What advice would you offer alumni/students looking for a job in your field?

Check out all of the opportunities in our area. RTP is a concentrated region for this field. During summer breaks and selectives, spend time at companies doing this work to see if it is a good fit for you.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Love what you do!

Share one “do” or “don’t” that you have learned regarding resumes, interviewing, networking or job searching tactics.

Connect with people on LinkedIn. I have actually formed many relationships there which have led to great opportunities.