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Amanda Armstrong

Research Technician/Lab Manager, Molecular Epidemiology


Lab: Thakur Molecular Epidemiology
Lab Phone: 919.513.0729

I graduated from Duke University with a Major in Biology and a Minor in Music. I studied estrogen receptor B using zebrafish as a model during my Senior year, then did field and microscopy work on sexual dimorphism in the moss Dicranum spp. the following summer. I next went onto work for two years at the NIH in the National Human Genome Institute studying developmental genetics, specifically on the tight junction protein Claudinj in zebrafish. While there, I was able to serve as an ambassador of the Human Genome publication effort. I attended the University of Virginia for graduate school, studying gene silencing in yeast and then onto obtaining a Master of Science on research of Burkholderia cenocepacia virulence gene Adhesin A. I am interested in pathogenic bacteria, molecular biology, and genetics. I hope to attend graduate school at NCSU to obtain a PhD in Microbiology and develop a career in academic research.