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Juliana Ferreira, DVM, DVSc

Swine Lecturer

Office: 919.515.5743

Dr. Juliana Bonin Ferreira is a lecturer of Swine Health and Production Medicine at NC State University. She received her DVM degree in 2002 from Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo, Brazil, a Master of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2005 in Epidemiology applied to zoonosis from FMVZ – USP, Brazil, and a DVSc in Swine Health Management from the Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, Canada (2017). She also worked for 4 years for the Public Health department in Brazil.
Research interests include swine health and production, infectious diseases, and epidemiology. Teaching responsibilities include veterinary and undergraduate courses.
Infectious Diseases
Infectious diseases and their implications in swine health and production.
  • Longitudinal study of influenza A virus circulation in a nursery swine barn. FERREIRA, J. B.; GRGIĆ, H.; FRIENDSHIP, R., WIDEMAN, G., NAGY, Ѐ., POLJAK, Z. | Veterinary research,  48(1), 63, 2017.
  • Influence of microclimate conditions on the cumulative exposure of nursery pigs to swine influenza A viruses. FERREIRA, J. B., GRGIĆ, H., FRIENDSHIP, R., NAGY, É., & POLJAK, Z. | Transboundary and emerging diseases, v.65, pe145-e154, 2017.
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