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James Flowers, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor, Parasitology

Office: 919.513.6404
Lab: Clinical Microbiology
Lab Phone: 919.513.6560
Lab Fax: 919.513.6568

American Society of Parasitologists
Helminthological Society of Washington
Southeastern Society of Parasitologists
The Wildlife Disease Association
North Carolina Academy of Science, Inc.
Infectious Diseases
Diagnosis and identification of parasite infections. Collection, fixation, staining, mounting, and identification of parasitic helminths.

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  • 2011. Prevalence of Antibody to Toxoplasma gondii And Trichinella spp. in Feral Pigs (Sus Scrofa) Of Eastern North Carolina.Sandfoss, M., C. DePerno, S. Patton, J Flowers, and S. Kennedy-Stoskopf. | Journal of Wildlife Diseases. 47: 338-343.
  • 2010. Observations and treatment of Nitzschia sturionis on Atlantic Sturgeon Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus from Chesapeake Bay.Matsche MA, Flowers JR, Markin E., and Spence C. | Journal of Aquatic Animal Health. 22:174–181.
  • 2005. Surgical Removal of Cataracts Due to Diplostomum species in Gulf Sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi).Bakal RS, Hickson BH, Gilger BC, Levy MG, Flowers J, and Khoo L. | Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. 36(3): 504-508.
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