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Christina Lindsey

Graduate Research Assitant


My introduction to the world of poultry came in my first semester at UGA, when I was identified as a pre-vet student and more or less randomly routed into a major in the poultry science department. After my first poultry science course, I was hooked. Every subsequent class only augmented my ambition to pursue a career as a poultry veterinarian by demonstrating that avian medicine is a dynamic and challenging field.

During vet school, three particular externships helped shape my specific interests in poultry medicine. The first was a 16-week stint with the Food Safety and Inspection Service. There, I learned a lot about how poultry plants are run and how their operations are largely controlled by federal regulations that help ensure the safety of their food products. I continued my exploration of the role of the federal government in food safety at the CDC in Atlanta, GA. These two experiences showed me the last two steps in the process of ensuring the safety of poultry meat: processing plant interventions and epidemiological foodborne illness investigations. Through my externship at the Georgia Poultry Lab Network, I learned more about the first step: the poultry farm. There, I learned how Georgia tracks everything from Salmonella to laryngotracheitis in the state’s live poultry flock, and what interventions can be taken to prevent the spread of disease.

As a resident of poultry health management, I hope to enhance my knowledge of my mutually dependent interests in avian disease, food safety, and public health. At NC State, I have the advantage of applying this knowledge to a variety of avian species and learning the intricate differences among them.
BSA - Avian Biology, Spanish minor, University of Georgia, 2008
DVM - University of Georgia, 2013