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Paul Orndorff, PhD

Professor, Microbiology and Immunology


Course Involvement
VMP 910
VMP 920
Graduate Courses

CBS 810: Microbial Pathogenesis
Infectious Diseases
  • 2011.  Incorporation of secretory IgA into biofilms can decrease their resistance to ciprofloxacin.Lee YH, KY Su, A Wyse, A Barbas, D Palestrandt, K Shieh, ML Everett, A Devalapalli, PE Orndorff, RR Bollinger, and W Parker. | Microbiol Immunol 55:174-183.  PMID: 21204949
  • 2011. In vitro properties of a Listeria monocytogenes bacteriophage resistant mutant predict its efficacy as a live oral vaccine strain. Spears, PA., MM Suyemoto, TS Hamrick, RL Wolf, EA Havell, and PE Orndorff. | Infect Immun. 79:5001-5009. PMID: 21930759
  • 2010. Immunization with Haemophilus ducreyi hemoglobin receptor HgbA with adjuvant monophosphoryl lipid A protects swine from a homologous but not a heterologous challenge. Fusco WG, G Afonina, I Nepluev, DM. Cholon, N Choudhary, P A Routh, GW Almond, PE Orndorff, H Staats, MM Hobbs, I Leduc, and C Elkins. | Infect Immun 78:3763-72.  PMID: 20584974
  • 2013.  Extrauterine Listeriosis in the Gravid Mouse Influences Embryonic Growth and Development.Suyemoto, M. M., T. S. Hamrick, P. A. Spears, J. R. Horton, I. M. Washington, E. A. Havell, L. B. Borst, and P. E. Orndorff. | PLoS One 8: e72601. PMID:  23967322.
  •  2010. Factors associated with the acquisition and severity of gestational listeriosis.Suyemoto MM, PA Spears, TS Hamrick, JA Barnes, EA Havell, and PE Orndorff. | PLoS One 5:e13000. PMID: 20885996
  • 2010. Identification and characterization of two Bordetella avium gene products required for hemagglutination.Temple, LM, DM Miyamoto, M Mehta, CM Capitini, S Von Stetina, HJ Barnes, VL Christensen, JR Horton, PA Spears, and PE Orndorff. | Infect Immun 78:2370-2376.  PMID: 20351141
  • 2010. Adaptation in a mouse colony monoassociated with Escherichia coli K-12 for more than 1000 days.Lee, SM, A Wyse, A Lesher, ML Everett, L Lou, ZE Holzknecht, JF Whitesides, PA Spears, DE Bowles, SS Lin, SL Tonkonogy, PE Orndorff, RR Bollinger, and W Parker. | Appl Environ Microbiol  76:4655-63.  PMID: 20472724
  • 2009.  Altering and assessing persistence of genetically modified E. coli MG1655 in the large bowel.Barbas, AS, AP Lesher, A Thomas, A Wyse, AP Devalapalli, YH Lee, HE Tan, PE Orndorff, W Parker, and RR Bollinger. | Exp Biol Med 234:1174-85.  PMID: 19596821
  • 2008. A Listeria monocytogenes Mutant Defective in Bacteriophage Attachment Is Attenuated in Orally Inoculated Mice and Impaired in Enterocyte Intracellular Growth.Spears, P. A., M. M. Suyemoto, A. M. Palermo, J. R. Horton, T. S. Hamrick, E. A. Havell, and P. E. Orndorff. | Infect. Immun. 76:4046-4054.  PMID: 18559424
  • 2013. Biocompatibility analysis of an electrically-activated silver-based antibacterial surface system for medical device applications.Samberg, M., Z. Tan, N. Monteiro-Riviere, P. Orndorff, and R. Shirwaiker. | Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 24: 755-760. PMID: 23242768 .
  • (Apr 2006) Immunization with the Haemophilus ducreyi hemoglobin receptor HgbA protects against infection in the swine model of chancroid.,Afonina G, Leduc I, Nepluev I, Jeter C, Routh P, Almond G, Orndorff PE, Hobbs M, Elkins C | Infection and immunity, 74(4)2224-32
  • Immunoglobulin-mediated agglutination of and biofilm formation by Escherichia coli K-12 require the type 1 pilus fiber,Orndorff PE, Devapali A, Palestrant S, Wyse A, Everett ML, Bollinger RR, Parker W, | Infection and Immunity, 72(4):1929-38, 2004
  • Passive Immunization with a polyclonal antiserum to the hemoglobin receptor of Haemophilus ducreyi confers protection against a homologous Challenge in the experimental swine model of chancroid. | Infect Immun. 79:3168-77. PMID: 21646451
  • (Aug 2006) Comparison of the genome sequence of the poultry pathogen Bordetella avium with those of B. bronchiseptica, B. pertussis, and B. parapertussis reveals extensive diversity in surface structures associated with host interaction.,Sebaihia M, Preston A, Maskell DJ, Kuzmiak H, Connell TD, King ND, Orndorff PE, Miyamoto DM, Thomson NR, Harris D, Goble A, Lord A, Murphy L, Quail MA, Rutter S, Squares R, Squares S, Woodward J, Parkhill J, Temple LM | Journal of bacteriology, 188(16)6002-15
  • (May 2006) Expression of Haemophilus ducreyi collagen binding outer membrane protein NcaA is required for virulence in swine and human challenge models of chancroid.,Fulcher RA, Cole LE, Janowicz DM, Toffer KL, Fortney KR, Katz BP, Orndorff PE, Spinola SM, Kawula TH | Infection and immunity, 74(5)2651-8
  • (Apr 2006) Host and bacterial factors in listeriosis pathogenesis.,Orndorff PE, Hamrick TS, Smoak IW, Havell EA | Veterinary microbiology, 114(1-2)1-15
  • (Feb 2006) Secretory IgA and mucin-mediated biofilm formation by environmental strains of Escherichia coli: role of type 1 pili.,Bollinger RR, Everett ML, Wahl SD, Lee YH, Orndorff PE, Parker W | Molecular immunology, 43(4)378-87