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Sabrina Robertson, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor, Biotechnology


Society For Neuroscience
Ph.D. Neuroscience; B.S. Biological Sciences
I am an teaching assistant professor at N.C. State University with the following research focuses:

(1) Biotechnology Education: In the biotechnology program at N.C. State we provide students with the opportunity to use fundamental and cutting edge molecular biology technologies in the laboratory, and we are dedicated to discovering and implementing the best evidence-based teaching practices in our classrooms.

(2) Neuroscience: A fundamental challenge of modern neuroscience is to map the connections and functions of all neurons in the brain. My research focuses on a tiny sliver of this complexity, a group of neurons that are defined by their synthesis of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (NE). Despite the small number of neurons in this group, release of NE from synaptic connections across the brain and body modulate a wide variety of behaviors and processes, including: attention, stress, learning, memory and the perception of pain. Projects in my lab use cutting edge genetic techniques (i.e. recombinase‐based intersectional strategies) to study the effects of manipulating NE neuron activity in vivo.
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