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Dr. Farin President of International Embryo Transfer Society

North Carolina State University faculty member Dr. Peter Farin of the College of Veterinary Medicine is the 2010 president of the International Embryo Transfer Society (IETS).

Dr. Farin, an Associate Professor of Ruminant Health and Production Medicine, Theriogenology in the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology, assumed his responsibilities at the global organization’s 36th Annual Conference held in Cordoba, Argentina.

The IETS provides access to information on current research and clinical procedures associated with embryo transfer in animals. In its position statement, the global organization says it encourages and strongly supports freedom to conduct research on animal “cloning” by somatic cell nuclear transfer and related techniques using embryonic, fetal, and adult animal cells. The IETS believes that such research will provide avenues to improved understanding of the genetic regulation of development and should ultimately result in improved health, welfare, and reproductive efficiency of animals.

Dr. Farin’s CVM research focus involves embryo biotechnologies and fetal and placental development. He had previously served as the IETS vice president.

Posted April 15, 2010