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New Student Information

Items of Importance

Please Note

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Make sure to pay attention to this!

It is very important that Academic Affairs has your current postal and e-mail addresses at all times in order to keep you updated on information regarding the fall semester

Wolfpack One Card

All students must have an All-Campus/Wolfpack One card prior to the first full day of orientation on August 1st as it is required to access the Veterinary Medicine campus. New DVM Students can pick up their card at the Talley Student Center on main campus once they have officially been registered for DVM classes. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please make sure to pick up your All-Campus Card prior to the first full day of orientation on August 7th. Make sure to review the Wolfpack One Card website for any potential service interruptions.

If you currently have an unexpired Wolfpack One Card, you can continue to use it. If you have an expired card, you will need to bring that card with you in order to receive a new one to access our campus.

Wolfpack One Card



Academic Handbook

All Campus and University policies and procedures are located in the Academic Handbook. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these as they provide you important information on everything from academic standards to dress codes on campus and in the Hospital, and exam policies among others.

Academic Handbook

TEXTBOOKS and Supplies

In addition to the campus bookstore and other textbook suppliers, supplies and textbooks are available through V.E.T.S. – Veterinary Educational Textbooks and Supplies. Vets is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to making the acquisition of veterinary textbooks and supplies easier and more affordable for students. In addition to books and supplies, V.E.T.S. also hires students as board members to help operate various areas of the business. The group has put together a package of information for interested students.


Our representatives consult with the professors to determine what books and supplies they want students to have for their classes. Then, we negotiate with suppliers to get the best prices possible because of the purchasing power of bulk ordering. Our organization is run by the students for the students. Our job is to serve you!!

V.E.T.S. Website


The College of Veterinary Medicine hosts an annual open house at the end of every Spring. It’s a day for visitors large and small to learn more about the activities of the College. Students, staff, and faculty all take part in demonstrations, tours, and activities. It’s a fun day for everyone. Take a glimpse at previous open houses to get a sense of what they’re like.

CVM Open House


The Student of the American Veterinary Medical Association, is a non-profit, student-run group modeled after its parent organization, the American Veterinary Medical Association. At NC State University, SAVMA is the umbrella organization for 30 other professional group student chapters and student clubs. SCAMVA organizes fundraisers and social events, helps support educational opportunities at the school, and represents the student body to the college administration and the AVMA. SAVMA also provides funding for both group and individual educational opportunities, such as travel to veterinary conferences, externships, wetlabs, and guest speakers.

SAVMA also maintains a store where you can order CVM merchandise. Items will be available for purchase from the SAVMA store during Open House, Orientation, and at the White Coat Ceremony.



We expect admitted applicants who accept the offer of admission to matriculate into the semester for which they are admitted.  However, we understand that rare extenuating circumstances may arise that precipitate a need to request a deferral.

The Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the Faculty Committee on Admissions will review a one-year deferral request on a case-by-case basis.  Reasons for a deferral include, but are not limited to, medical emergencies, health concerns and academic options (Fulbright Award, completion of a graduate degree, etc.).

Admitted applicants can’t request a deferral in order to establish residency for tuition purposes or to finish completing prerequisites.  When possible, the deferral request should be submitted by June 1 of the admissions cycle year to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Please consult the Student Services Office if you have any questions about the process.

Download a Request



Rabies immunizations are highly recommended before starting classes, and you are required to report your status on the Rabies Vaccination Certification form required as part of your new student orientation paperwork.  You can contact your private physician or local health department to receive these immunizations. Veterinarians, as professionals, are considered at risk for exposure to rabies, which is often fatal. Please note that this is not a requirement nor condition for enrollment and is totally voluntary. NC State Veterinary Medicine will hold a rabies clinic in October 2019 (Dates TBD).  The charge for each rabies shot is $212 (subject to change without notice).

Students covered by the University health plan, Student Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina), can get the shots either at Student Health Services or at the CVM annual Rabies Clinic, and it will be covered by the insurance plan.

Vaccination Status

If you have not submitted your status, download and complete the form. It must be turned in before classes start August, 14, 2019.


NC State Student Health Services is nationally ranked among the best student health services in the U.S. and is ranked #1 in North Carolina by the Princeton Review. There are several health-related actions you need to take before you come to NC State University. Visit the Student Health Services website and complete the steps they require before you arrive. You can also find information about how to sign up for the University-sponsored Health Insurance Plan if you so wish. You have up to 30 days of your acceptance to complete the required tasks. The Student Services Office will notify you of the documents required for submission as soon as you confirm your seat in the class.

If you previously attended North Carolina State University and your HealthWeb account reflects receipt of completed immunization records, you may not need to resubmit these. Please contact Health Services at 919.515.2563 to confirm.

If you wish to have your health insurance considered in your cost of attendance, you may complete the form below and send it to Kyle McMahan ( in the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. This will increase your cost of attendance by the amount of health insurance per term and allow for loan consideration up to that amount.

Insurance Increase Request Form

Student Health Center


The College provides academic counseling, personal counseling, and consultation services services to all students of the College. Additionally, the Office makes a wealth of tips available on handling stress, anxiety, time management, and many others.

In addition to the Colleges counseling office, the University Counseling Center is also available to students.

CVM Counseling Services


The University offers some housing options for graduate students. Many of our students have pets, however, and pets are not permitted in University housing. There are numerous choices around Raleigh and Durham/Chapel Hill that offer great alternatives to living on campus. Many of them are pet friendly.

Students recommend the Durham/Chapel Hill areas as you miss traffic during both commutes. They say that North Raleigh has many neighborhoods with a lot of homes for sale, but be aware that the commute is 20-25 min. A full list of helpful information on housing has been compiled by previous classes.

Students who are covering on-call for rotations are required to be at the CVM within 20 minutes of notification. Please take this into account when making housing arrangements for your clinical year.

Finding a Place to Live

University Housing

Parking and Transportation


All DVM students are eligible to purchase a “CC” parking permit for the Centennial Biomedical Campus parking deck. The cost is $342 (subject to change) for the 2017-18 academic year.

There is no credit hour restriction for ordering permits because there is ample parking at the CVM. Permits are purchased online and will be available for purchase through the NC State Transportation Office beginning July 5, 2017. Make sure to select the “CC” permit, which will allow you to park in the Deck.

Permits purchased before July 31st will be mailed – starting the week of July 14th – to the address the student provides. Permits purchased after July 31st must be picked up in the Transportation Office and take 2 business days to process – no exceptions and no temporary permit are available. The Transportation Office will honor permits once they are placed correctly on the vehicle. Permits expire August 15, 2017.


Purchase a Parking Permit

WOLFLINE Bus Service

The 6S Hillsborough St West Route of the University Wolfline bus service serves the College, which is located on the Centennial Biomedical Campus. The bus connects students with the main NC State campus. Wolfline runs every 30 minutes between 7 am and 6pm and is free to all riders. Additionally, the line connects you to city and regional bus lines. With a GoPass  provided by NC State Transportation, you can ride city and regional buses for free.

Wolfline Information



Students are expected to bring a laptop with them to the DVM program. You will be processing a wealth of information and having the correct tools to acquire, organize, and process that information is critical. Course materials are online and accessible to all students at the CVM. Many of your course exams will be given using your laptop, so look carefully at the Exam Computing Recommendations. Also consider having a high speed internet connection at home, as many courses have videos that work better over a high-speed connection.

Technology Recommendations


Google Apps at NC State is the official e-mail provider for NC State students. Your email will have an address, but you will check your email at mail. This is a separate account from any other personal account you may already have and the two can not be combined.

All official e-mails will be sent through your NC State Google email. You are responsible for checking your university e-mail account regularly and responding to official e-mails. The University provides a website where you can learn more about using Google email and other online Google apps. For specific questions not found on the website, contact

Google at NCSU


The MyPack Portal is the gateway to the university’s administrative offices. Information regarding MyPack will be sent to you once your Unity ID has been created. You will use the MyPack portal to view financial information, class schedule, class rank, unofficial transcript and update personal and emergency contact information, among other things.

MyPack Tutorials

Class of 2022 LISTSERVE

The Veterinary Medicine Student Services Office has created a listserve for the Class of 2022. The listserve address is “” You will receive an e-mail once the list becomes active. You must use your unity email address on listserve. You will receive details on your unity id and password as soon as we have received your advance enrollment deposit. If you’re not familiar with a listserv, it’s a means of communicating with a group of people via email.

You send an email to, and all members in your class will get your query. It’s a great way to discuss and exchange information on the subjects your are studying.

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