The Heart of Great Care
Starts with You!

Our Equine Health and Farm Animal Programs are committed to
pioneering advances in medical technology and providing the highest level
of care
to horse owners, trainers, and producers. With your help,
NC State’s new Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Center will
set a new standard for equine and farm animal health.

Leading Research, Enhancing Care

 Total Estimated Cost of new equine and farm animal veterinary center: $37.9 Million 

Enhanced Sports Medicine Facilities

Better Care, Bottom Line.

Since 1983, NC State has provided innovative, high-quality, compassionate care to our equine and farm animal patients. Located on NC State’s Centennial Biomedical Campus, our Equine Health, and Farm Animal Programs know that the investment that horse owners, trainers, and producers make in their animals is a critical component of their bottom line. Providing state-of-the-art care and research that preserves and enhances the health of these animals is at the heart of everything that we do.

New Ruminant Health Facility

Support the Fund for the New Equine and Farm Animal Veterinary Center!  

By making a gift to NC State Veterinary Medicine, you invest in a commitment to state-of-the-art care for animals and the pursuit of an ever greater quality of life. There are many ways to show your support!

Our gift officers will work with you to structure a donation that reflects your personal objectives, whether you want to make a one-time gift, plan a bequest, or consider a naming right within the building. However you choose to help, a gift to NC State Veterinary Medicine is a gift for the care of animals today and well into the future. This is a legacy that will live on. Contact NCVMF representatives today to learn how you can help:

Mail checks made payable to the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation to:

North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation
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