Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services at the College of Veterinary Medicine provides a wide array of assistance for the teaching faculty within the College of Veterinary Medicine. With a focus on our clientele, Educational Support Services provides the following services:

  • Instructional design consultations: Includes writing outcomes, designing activities, aligning assessments with outcomes, and implementing teaching methods and pedagogies for your course.
  • Moodle course administration: Includes uploading Moodle pages and files and updating the availability of quizzes and exams.
  • Moodle course design support: Includes aligning your Moodle course with your syllabus, creating headings and structures to provide efficient and effective student access, and assisting with uploading course materials, quiz/exam setup, and announcement & assignment setup. ESS also provides trainings on how you can use Moodle to support student learning.
  • TopHat: Includes setup and discussion of best practices for implementing it effectively in the classroom.
  • MediaSite: Includes video editing and self-recording setup and training
  • Test preparation: Includes exam formatting, printing paper exams and exam packets, delivering exam packets to the library, delivering paper exam scantrons to the main campus service, uploading/distributing scantron data to Moodle and instructor if needed.
  • ExamSoft: Includes importing exam questions, providing faculty with exam results, supporting faculty in the classroom during the exam, and training on how to use ExamSoft.

Please send your request to to use any of the services above.

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