Four Receive CVM Awards for Excellence

Four NC State CVM staff members have been given Awards for Excellence, the highest annual award given to non-faculty at the college.

The honorees are laboratory supervisors Anne Crews and Sandra Horton, executive assistant Eva Cook and Dane Johnston, director of continuing education, outreach and alumni affairs.

Nominations were submitted by CVM colleagues. Each winner receives eight hours of paid time off and $250. The four are now also candidates for the university-wide Awards for Excellence, held June 11.

Anne Crews won in the government service category.

Crews, who supervises the lab of cell biology professor Kenneth Adler, won in the government service category. She was cited as a driving force behind the laboratory team’s success, particularly noted for her leadership role in training and facilitating the lab’s move to the Biomedical Partnership Center.

Sandra Horton also received her award in the government service category.

Horton, a 34-year veteran of the histology lab in the Department of Population Health and Pathology, also received her award in the government service category. She was noted for a “dedication and commitment that are second to none,” as well as her positive attitude and genuine nature.

Eva Cook won in two categories, customer service and efficiency and innovation.

Cook, an executive assistant in the Department of Clinical Sciences and nominated in two categories, customer service and efficiency and innovation, was credited as being a true team player. She was singled out for her willingness to help and an ability to find ways to improve departmental practices.

Dane Johnston won in the category of efficiency and innovation.

Johnston, nominated several times in the category of efficiency and innovation, was recognized for his approaches to cultivating positive relations with alumni, the broader veterinary community and animal owners. One example: Johnston led an effort to transform old wooden desktops from the remodeled North and South theaters into commemorative kitchen cutting boards, a campaign that raised more than $25,000 to support student activities.

A complete list of 17 nominees for the CVM Award for Excellence and their nomination category:


  • Anne Crews, Government Service
  • Erin Harrell, Efficiency and Innovation
  • Leigh Jay Temple, Customer Service


  • Kim Bicking, Spirit of North Carolina
  • Jocelyn Burkit, Human Relations
  • Eva Cook, Customer Service, Efficiency and Innovation
  • Wilma Daley, Customer Service
  • Heather Germain – Efficiency and Innovation
  • Sandra Horton, Government Service
  • Mindi James, Government Service
  • Dane Johnston, Efficiency and Innovation
  • Tonya Lee, Human Relations
  • Erin Lempp, Customer Service
  • Julia Pendergrass, Human Relations
  • Anthony Simmons, Customer Service
  • Hillary Sutherland, Government Service, Efficiency and Innovation
  • Brittany Thomas, Efficiency and Innovation