Genetics: Old English Sheepdogs Cerebellar degeneration

Owners and breeders of Old English Sheepdogs have a new test immediately available to genotype dogs for the disease of cerebellar degeneration, also referred to as cerebellar ataxia & cerebellar abiotrophy.

Old English Sheepdog CA Genetic Testing Price: $48.00 per dog

Your participation is greatly appreciated and questions are welcome!

NCSU-College of Veterinary Medicine
Attn: Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory
Research Bldg. 228
1060 William Moore Dr
Raleigh, NC 27607


Standard Submission Form 

We are now offering a group testing discount for groups of TEN OR MORE!

Samples from the group must all be submitted and mailed together in the same package to the laboratory with a completed cover sheet for the group and completed individual submission forms for each dog.

No exceptions will be made.

Cover Sheet  Group Discount Form