Research Management
Grant Proposal Guidelines

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Submission Deadline

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Submission to the CVM Research Office is by email with proposal attached (cover page, proposal, budget, etc. in one document – Word format preferred) (e-mail address: If you have any problems with e-mail or the attachment, please do not hesitate to give the CVM Research Office a call for assistance. Direct any questions about format and submission to the CVM Research Office prior to submission

Overall Format

  • Double spaced (27 text lines per page), except where noted 1″ margins on top, bottom, and sides
  • Arial 11 point or Times New Roman 12 point is required.
  • Figures, charts, tables, and legends may be smaller but must be legible and included in Project Description. No appendix material will be accepted.
  • Write your proposal for colleagues who may not be experts in your area. Avoid jargon and excess use of abbreviations specific to your research area.

Cover page

Provide information as requested on the CVM Research Award Application Checklist that is included on the cover page.  We’ve prepared a PDF cover page/checklist template for you to complete.

Application Checklist 

Project Description

Your project description can have a MAXIMUM of 8 pages and should include:

  1. Is this a resubmission? If so, address the changes to the grant in bullet format, (1 page)
  2. Specific Aims (1 page): Include brief summary of background and significance, hypothesis with specific aims, experimental approaches.
  3. Background & Significance (2 page): Include review of pertinent literature and include preliminary data from investigator’s laboratory to support application.
  4. Experimental Approach (4 pages): Describe experiments to be conducted and methods to be used to test the stated hypothesis. Consideration should be given to expected results and potential pitfalls. Procedures should correspond to specific aims and objectives. Describe statistical analysis.
  5. For Clinical Studies, document the number of individual cases, herds, or flocks likely to be included in the proposed study.

Letters from Collaborators

When germane to the project, letters from collaborators are acceptable and encouraged. These letters are not included in the 7 page maximum limit.


Limit citations to those that are directly relevant to this project. Include full list of authors and full titles of papers or chapters and their sources.

Reference page(s) are not included in the 8 page limit and may be single spaced.


The budget should be completed in the CVM Research Proposal Budget Template and should be rounded to the NEAREST DOLLAR.

Budgets must be well-defined and broken down into the minor object codes listed. Justification must be provided for temporary labor. Travel funds are limited to those necessary for conducting the research, such as collection of samples.

Budget Template

Budget Justification

Budgets will be examined carefully, in some cases, budget reductions may be recommended by the committee prior to funding.

  1. Justify the role of PI, Co-I, research technicians, students, etc. for the proposal.
  2. Itemize categories of supply expenditures in excess of $500.
  3. Clearly justify labor and equipment purchases.
  4. Labor over $6,000 must be clearly justified for the project.
  5. Equipment requests of $5,000 or more must be specific, with manufacturer, model, and price. Justification must be given for why this item of equipment is needed, particularly if similar equipment is available at the CVM or a less expensive model is available. All equipment purchases will be considered college owned for purposes of sharing.

Future Funding

List plans for publication of results of proposed study, possible sources of future funding, and how the proposed study fits into long-term research goals of the PI or Co-Is.

Research Productivity from Previous College Funding

Since the goal of the these funds is to help seed future research on these topics, it is expected that results from projects funded will result in a scientific presentation and/or publication and in most cases be used to obtain pilot data for extramural grant submissions within 12 months from the completion date of the funding. Therefore information provided on how previous college funding was used by an investigator will be considered as review criteria.  Additionally failure to provide a final report at the completion of the study will impact ability to obtain further intramural funding.

Use the format provided below to list grants funded by CVM in last 3 years. Use as many pages as required.

For each grant, list:

  1. Investigators
  2. Title
  3. Year(s) of funding
  4. Amount awarded
  5. Abstracts, publications, grant submissions -Cite only publications describing the results of this project. Cite any abstracts (oral or poster) presented describing the results of this project. Cite any grant submissions that resulted from data obtained from this project.

Grant submitted to Outside Agencies

Use the format provided below to list grants submitted to outside agencies for funding in the last 3 years. Use as many pages as required.

For each grant, list:

  1. Investigators
  2. Title
  3. Agency
  4. Year(s) of funding
  5. Amount awarded or requested
  6. Funding status – funded (F), pending (P), or not funded (NF)
  7. Overlap with current proposal – Clearly delineate and justify overlaps between (F) or (P) proposals and the current CVM application. If overlap exists, describe adjustments to budgets if pending grants are funded.

Curriculum Vitae

Attach an abbreviated CV (2 pages maximum) for each investigator. List those professional activities and accomplishments you believe will contribute to the committee’s ability to assess your qualifications to complete the proposed work.

Submit your proposal by the deadline listed above