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Jennifer Jones Shults, Class of 2009

Job title: Veterinarian/owner, Quartet Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital in Cary

Describe your current position and what led to your job.

I own a 24/7 emergency practice and rehabilitation practice within a multi-specialty practice. I am also the primary rehabilitation veterinarian and work in emergency. I was an equine focus at the CVM going towards equine radiology, but after a small animal rotating internship and moving home, I became very interested in canine rehabilitation and achieved my certification.

I do all the things I loved about equine lameness — exams, talking with owners, imaging, pain management — but on a smaller scale. Emergency allows me to work up more complex cases, and also do a lot of ultrasound. While I never would have envisioned where I am now during veterinary college, I love my job, my employees and serving our community.

Describe job opportunity trends in your industry. What does the future look like for your industry?

I think students and recent graduates are very focused on quality of life, but there is a nationwide shortage of emergency veterinarians. I do as much as I can to support students.

What advice would you offer alumni/students looking for a job in your field?

Get as many different experiences as possible. Make excellent networking connections with veterinarians around you. You never know when you’ll rely on that relationship.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Work hard for the patient and client and everything else will fall into place.

Share one “do” or “don’t” that you have learned regarding resumes, interviewing, networking or job searching tactics.

Write a strong cover letter that clearly outlines what your goals are but also incorporates details about the practice you’re applying to. It makes a big difference to employers.