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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: The NC State Veterinary Hospital is seeing only emergency patients until further notice.

Veterinary Hospital Changes Reduce Risk While Continuing Care

CVM Inside – Laboratory Animal Resources

Per Diem Schedule

LAR per diems are subject to inflationary increases. Please budget for an annual increase in rates of up to 3% when budgeting for grants. The increase will not be added unless necessary but it is best to be prepared.

To inquire about rates, please contact LAR Administrative office at 513-2050 or email

Effective October 2016, all new animal research projects utilizing accounts paid directly by corporate sponsors (e.g. non-university accounts) will be charged up to an additional 20% above the listed rates.
Cost Center Unit 2018 rates
Aquatic Tank tank $2.82
Cat animal $6.65
Dog animal $10.53
Exotic bird-Large cage $17.88
Ferret animal $6.56
Fish tank-large tank $8.14
Fish tank-medium tank $4.54
Frog/Toad/Salamander animal $1.53
Frog/Salamander Small tank $1.33
Gerbil cage (1-2/cg) $1.96
Guinea pig cage (1-2/cg) $3.35
Horse-Inside animal $23.12
Horse-Pasture animal $9.39
Metabolism Cage cage $2.56
Mileage per mile $1.56
Mouse-Autoclave cage (1-4/cg) $2.53
Mouse-IVC cage (1-4/cg) $1.34
Mouse-Micro Isolator cage (1-4/cg) $1.34
Pigeon-floor pen/room pen, room $17.23
Poultry-floor pen/room pen, room $16.00
Rabbit animal $4.68
Rat-Micro Isolator cage (1-3/cg) $3.07
Reptile/Lizard animal $1.92
Ruminant/camelid Large - Inside animal $12.16
Ruminant/camelid Small - Inside animal $8.85
Swine-floor w/ bedding animal $19.70
Swine-Hog Barn animal $7.93
Swine-piglets raised floor pen $20.35
Swine-raised floor animal $13.29
Tech Services per hour $24.35
Zebrafish-Bench Rack rack $8.43
Zebrafish-Large Rack rack $4.43
Service Center 2018 Rates
Large Animal OR.Prep  $146.03
Small Animal OR1 and Prep  $121.68
Small Animal OR2 and Prep  $121.68
Small Animal OR3 and Recovery  $121.68
Small Animal Recovery  $37.91
Large Procedure Room  $74.44
Small Procedure Room  $35.19
Radiology Room  $30.55
Anesthesia Machine Rental - Small Animal Under 100 Lbs  $   8.00/hr 
Anesthesia Machine Rental - Non-rebreathing Circuit  $ 11.28/hr 
Anesthesia Machine Rental - Large Animal Over 100 Lbs  $ 15.52/hr 
Rodent Anesthesia Machine Rental  $ 12.84/hr