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CVM Inside – Laboratory Animal Resources

Per Diem Schedule

LAR per diems are subject to inflationary increases. Please budget for an annual increase in rates of up to 3% when budgeting for grants. The increase will not be added unless necessary but it is best to be prepared. In some cases, Bridging money may be available to help researchers who need assistance with animal care costs.

*** Effective July 1, 2017 there will be a 1.5% inflationary increase applied to all cost centers. ***

To inquire about rates, please contact LAR Administrative office at 513-2050 or email

Effective October 2016, all new animal research projects utilizing accounts paid directly by corporate sponsors (e.g. non-university accounts) will be charged up to an additional 20% above the listed rates.
Cost Center Unit 2018 rates
Aquatic Tank tank $2.82
Cat animal $6.65
Dog animal $10.53
Exotic bird-Large cage $17.88
Ferret animal $6.56
Fish tank-large tank $8.14
Fish tank-medium tank $4.54
Frog/Toad/Salamander animal $1.53
Frog/Salamander Small tank $1.33
Gerbil cage (1-2/cg) $1.96
Guinea pig cage (1-2/cg) $3.35
Horse-Inside animal $23.12
Horse-Pasture animal $9.39
Metabolism Cage cage $2.56
Mileage per mile $1.56
Mouse-Autoclave cage (1-4/cg) $2.53
Mouse-IVC cage (1-4/cg) $1.34
Mouse-Micro Isolator cage (1-4/cg) $1.34
Pigeon-floor pen/room pen, room $17.23
Poultry-floor pen/room pen, room $16.00
Rabbit animal $4.68
Rat-Micro Isolator cage (1-3/cg) $3.07
Reptile/Lizard animal $1.92
Ruminant/camelid Large - Inside animal $12.16
Ruminant/camelid Small - Inside animal $8.85
Swine-floor w/ bedding animal $19.70
Swine-Hog Barn animal $7.93
Swine-piglets raised floor pen $20.35
Swine-raised floor animal $13.29
Tech Services per hour $24.35
Zebrafish-Bench Rack rack $8.43
Zebrafish-Large Rack rack $4.43