#LoveUnites this Holiday Season at NC State Veterinary Medicine

Even during a particularly challenging year, the human-animal bond is unbreakable.

This holiday season, we’re celebrating the unmatched ability of animals to provide unconditional love and comfort us in even the most difficult of times.

Between now and Dec. 21, please consider sharing just how much your pets have meant to you during the past year — just by being there.

There are two ways to contribute: Using #LoveUnites, share your story and photos on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Or email your story and photos to cvmcommunications@ncsu.edu.

Throughout the month, we will share selected stories and images with our social media followers.

At the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, we are dedicated to keeping joyous greetings and warm snuggles alive this special season and throughout the year. You are part of our family and we need your support to help us navigate these troubled times and sustain our efforts.

With your gift, we will make a difference, and together we will persevere. Your financial support of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation advances animal health, veterinary education and dynamic research.

To learn more about ways to support the CVM, go to give.ncsu.edu/vetmed.