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Meet the CVM Class of 2022

Another year, another 100 new members of the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine family.

The Class of 2022, the CVM’s seventh 100-member group, will go through student orientation from July 31-Aug. 3 on campus, followed by a formal welcome to the college during the traditional White Coat Ceremony at 3 p.m. Aug. 4 at the McKimmon Center. Classes begin Aug. 8.

Meet the next generation of veterinarians who will make the CVM even more extraordinary.

By the Numbers

1,066: The number of applicants for 100 seats. That’s 144 more than last year and includes 227 residents of North Carolina and 839 from out of state.

20-35: The age range of the class.

14: The number of states represented by non-North Carolina residents. Additionally, one is from Puerto Rico and one is from China.

84-to-16: The ratio of women to men in the class.

3.72: The average overall GPA. The average last 45 credit hours GPA is 3.76 and the average required course GPA is 3.68.

35: The number of students coming from NC State University, with a further 26 from other North Carolina colleges.

39: Students who majored in biology or biological sciences as an undergraduate, the most popular area of study. Following close behind: animal science (38).

4: Students who have earned additional degrees, all master’s. One student is a Park Scholar.

2: Students with U.S. Army experience. Other interesting pre-CVM professions include a zookeeper and a boar stud manager.

24: The number of students expressing an interest in small animal veterinary medicine, the most popular focus, at time of application. Other interest areas cited: mixed animal (22); food animal (12); small/exotic animal (8); zoological (8); epidemiology and public health (5); clinician-scientist (5); lab animal (5); and equine (2).