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NC State Client Counseling and Grief Support Service Offers Pet Grief Education Sessions

The relationships people have with their animals are often deep and enduring and the death of a beloved companion animal can be particularly difficult for all concerned.

Many owners say they are surprised by the intensity of grief they feel following the animal’s death.  Those facing such a loss often have questions about the grief process, but may have a difficult time finding a supportive place to explore them.

As a free offering for those experiencing the loss of an animal, the Client Counseling and Grief Support Service at NC State University’s Veterinary Health Complex is sponsoring a grief education seminar series on four consecutive Thursday evenings beginning on June 20.

Each hour-long session will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Conference Room 101 of the College of Veterinary Medicine Research Building. Those interested may register for one particular session or for all four.  Individuals, couples, and family members may attend,  but but each  person must register individually as space is limited.  Please note that the material is not suitable for young children.

Each session of the seminar series will be repeated at 6:30 p.m. on August 1, 8, 22, 29.

Session Dates and Topics

Session 1/ June 20 & August 1

Preparing for the End of Life: Quality of Life, Quality of Death and Anticipatory Grief

This session is designed to help people explore end of life issues for a beloved animal. Multiple topics will be reviewed in order that attendees can plan what they want for their animal, and their relationship with their animal, as that animal’s life comes to a close.

Session 2/ June 27 & August 8

Understanding Animal Loss and Grief

It is not uncommon for people to report that the loss of an animal feels different, and often more painful than, other losses. This session will explore common facets of grief following animal loss and will review helpful tips for coping with grief.

Session 3/ July 11 & August 22

The Dark Emotions of Grief: Guilt, Regret, and Anger

The “dark emotions” of guilt, regret, and anger are often focal after the loss of an animal. This session will explore the messages behind these emotions and methods of working with them productively.

Session 4/ July 18  & August 29

Maintaining a Connection: The Importance of Ritual for Grief and Healing

A key component of the grief process is redefining the relationship with the deceased. We also know that finding a way to maintain a connection with those we’ve lost builds resilience. This session will explore how grievers can re-orient to a world changed by loss and find comfort in a continued relationship with the animal who has died.

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