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NC State CVM Open House 2012: A Photo Essay


open house brochure

NOTE: An unofficial estimate is that some 8,000 visitors attended the 2012 Open House on March 31.

The event had been on hiatus since 2007 to build the Randall B. Terry, Jr. Companion Animal Veterinary Medical Center.

More than 11,000 participated in the 2007 Open House.

The photos below are courtesy of second year student Ayako Oda.


breezeway  breezeway 2

breezeway 3 commons crowd

mare  and foal cattle demo

surgery demo hearth

fistulated steer demo fistulated steer

biplane fluoroscopy student interaction

TAU rounds room

milking after party


The following photos are courtesy of Open House visitor Jan Heatley Raymondi

NC State Police Horse steve marks

milking cow hannah