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College of Veterinary Medicine Hosts American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association Symposium



The North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine is hosting the 2012 American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (APVMA) Symposium this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (March 2-4).

The annual symposium is designed to offer pre-vet students networking opportunities, highlight the different and diverse careers available withinveterinary medicine, and help students become familiar with the veterinary school application process. More than 600 undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing the DVM degree and their advisors from 30 universities are expected to attend.

The theme for 2012 symposium is “Cultivating Exceptional Minds in Veterinary Medicine.” Activities on Saturday include 25 different lectures, hands-on experiences in 10 different laboratories, and tours of the NC State Dairy Education Unit, the Conservator Center in Mebane, NC, and Duke University’s Lemur Center.

The lectures include: Dr. Steven Suter on canine lymphoma and bone marrow transplants; Dr. Greg Lewbart on fish surgery; Dr. Anthony Blikslager on colic in horses; Dr. Steve Marks on small animal emergency cases; Dr. Michael Stoskopf on marine animal medicine; Dr. Ryan DeVoe on wildlife and rehabilitation medicine; Dr. Nigel Campbell on zoo animal welfare; Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little on prosthetic implants in companion animals.

Other lecture topics include the One Health concept, animal behavior, equine ophthalmology, veterinary clinical research, lab animal medicine, veterinary pharmaceuticals, and calf handling.

Lab subjects include wildlife rehabilitation, suturing, critical care, fish/turtle, swine, amphibians and retiles.

The APVMA is a national association of students organized to promote and stimulate interest in the field of veterinary medicine, provide its members with sources of information regarding sister clubs, assist with regional activities across the nation, and hold the annual symposium.

Here’s a link for this weekend’s symposium activities: