Pet Owner Information: Client Expectations

pet_ownersWe are different from other veterinary hospitals in that we are teaching driven and university-affiliated. We are proud to combine the most advanced, academic-level medical practice with a service-oriented and efficient practice model.

What’s more, as a client at the VH, you can feel good about the fact that all net revenue goes to support education and discovery at one of the nation’s leading colleges of veterinary medicine. We help not only the pets we treat here, but pets everywhere who benefit from the medical innovation and veterinary education that NC State University provides.

What You Can Expect From Us 

Making decisions about treatment options can be overwhelming. It is our goal to make your experience with the VH as positive as possible. During your visit you should expect:

      • Excellent Patient Care: Your pet will receive excellent patient care and you will receive excellent client education in regards to the medical status of your pet so that you understand the diagnostic and therapeutic options. Unfortunately, medicine is not an exact science and sometimes the reason for the illness of your pet can not always be determined. You can rest assured that the clinicians and staff have your pet’s best interest at heart and are doing everything possible for a positive outcome.
      • Longer, In-Depth Visit: Your experience may take longer than in other settings because we are a teaching facility providing education to students, interns and residents. In contrast to a general veterinary practice, the VH is a large hospital, with many departments that provide high quality care in their specific area. If your pet needs input from a number of areas during their visit, this will lengthen the time needed.
      • Estimate of Costs: You will receive an initial estimate of the cost for services. Because it is not always possible to predict what diagnostics or treatments might be needed as your pets’ care progresses, if there are significant changes that alter our estimate, this will be discussed and an updated estimate will be provided.
      • Options for Visitation: We know how important family support is to the healing of our patients. If you feel that visiting your pet while they are in the VH will be a benefit to them, please discuss this with the clinicians in charge of your pets’ care.
      • Accurate Billing: We will make every attempt to provide you with a complete bill at the time of discharge. However, because we are a very complex organization, some fees may not make it to your account prior to discharge. This may result in you getting a bill in the mail. On your checkout invoice, there will be a statement that reads “This may not be a final bill.”

What We Ask of You 

  • Provide Accurate Patient History: Please provide the clinicians with all relevant information including medical history and current signs of disease so that an effective diagnostic and treatment plan can be developed.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Please ask questions regarding the treatment plan and associated cost so that you are informed when you make a decision regarding the medical care of your pet.
  • Involve Your Primary Veterinarian: Please allow us to contact your primary care veterinarian so that we are able to share with them the medical status of your pet so that they can facilitate on-going care of your pet.
  • Understand the Discharge Summary: Please follow the treatment plan that is provided to you at discharge to insure your pet’s recovery is maximized. If you feel you can’t do what is asked, please discuss this with the clinicians in charge of your case. If you feel the home care plan is not working, please contact the SPECIALTY SERVICE.
  • Express Concerns: If you have concerns regarding patient care, communication, or cost of treatment, please request a conversation with the senior clinician on your case.
  • Follow our Billing Policies: Please comply with our financial policy. We will provide you with an estimate for services to be rendered, will ask you to leave a deposit equal to the lowest expected cost, and will ask that you pay your bill at the time of discharge.