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Order a Swab Kit for Genetic Testing

Please complete the swab kit request form below to request cheek swabs to be mailed to you for genetic testing. Payment can be made after receiving the swab kit and mailed back in with your pet’s swabs.

Reminder: There is no age requirement for testing. As genetic results will never change, a dog or cat can be tested at any point in their life. However, submitting cheek swabs from nursing puppies or kittens is not recommended. Swabbing the cheek of a nursing puppy or kitten could cause contamination due to the presence of the mother’s milk, which may produce an inaccurate result. We recommend submitting blood samples from nursing animals or waiting until they have been weaned. If you do strongly prefer to submit a cheek swab sample from a nursing animal, it is important to keep them away from the mother for a few hours and rinse out their mouths thoroughly with water before obtaining the swab sample.