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New Grievance Policy

Effective May 1, 2014, the University of North Carolina System’s grievance policy for SPA employees will replace NC State’s current SPA grievance regulation (REG 05.25.02).  The new policy for all University SPA employees closely mirrors the State of North Carolina’s revised SPA grievance policy.  This policy incorporates a number of changes required by state law (HB834) and will apply to any SPA grievance filed on or after May 1, 2014.  The policy applies to all universities in the UNC system and is designed to provide a consistent process for the timely, defensible, fair, and orderly resolution of disputes arising out of employment.
There are a number of changes in the new University SPA Employee Grievance Policy from NC State’s prior SPA grievance regulation:

  1. The policy more clearly defines who may file a grievance and updates the list of grievable issues according to these definitions.
  2. The policy establishes two informal processes that give the employee and the supervisor (or other appropriate campus representative) an initial opportunity to resolve a workplace dispute before the employee files a formal grievance:
    • Informal Inquiry.   For allegations of unlawful or prohibited discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, employees will now utilize an Equal Employment Opportunity Informal Inquiry process to attempt to first address the complaint.
    • Informal Discussion.  For allegations of policy violations (with the exceptions of the disciplinary actions that can be grieved under the policy, and of non-disciplinary separation from employment due to unavailability), employee will have an Informal Discussion with their supervisors or other appropriate representative regarding the alleged event or action to attempt to address complaints or concerns at the lowest possible level prior to a grievance.
  3. If informal processes are not successful, the policy includes mediation as a presumed step in the formal grievance process for most grievances.  Trained Mediators will be assigned by the Office of State Human Resources, and may be employees from another state agency or university but will not be employees from this institution.
  4. All grievances must now go through the grievance process prescribed in the University SPA Employee Grievance Policy prior to being eligible to file an appeal with the Office of Administrative Hearings (if applicable).

The complete University SPA Employee Grievance Policy describes both the informal processes and the formal internal grievance process and can be accessed at the UNC General Administration website.

The direct link is

We encourage SPA employees to review this new policy.  The policy is designed to provide an established process to review concerns, while affording employees and their supervisors the ability to resolve disputes as informally as possible.  If you have any questions about the policy or the grievance process, please contact the Employee Relations department in the Division of Human Resources at 919-515-6575 or for assistance.