News and Updates, August 2019

Faculty and Staff

  • New to the CVM family: Meet Kate Hepworth, clinical assistant professor of equine medicine.
  • In a new study from Erin Lashnits, Ed Breitschwerdt, Daniel Dawson and Cristina Lanzas, N.C. dogs provide clues about the pathogen Bartonella.
  • Clinical behavioral medicine fellow Katherine Pankratz talks with Outside magazine about how to properly introduce a new dog to your existing dog family.
  • Sid Thakur launches international group to combat antimicrobial resistance.
  • Dentists, including a team from the CVM, remove a broken tooth from the mouth of one of the North Carolina Zoo’s oldest lions.
  • They’re here from Raleigh, from Georgia and Texas and Puerto Rico to study small animals and food animals, to pursue careers in public health and clinical research. They’re the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2023. And they’re now officially part of the family.
  • On the first episode of Season 2 of their podcast “Navigating the Veterinary Profession,” Amy Snyder, Amanda Bates and Andrew Rotz offer tips on starting the semester on the right track.
  • With a genetic counseling service, the CVM takes deeper dives into dog DNA.
  • Dave Dorman chats with the Today Show about the dangers to pets posed by blue-green algae.
  • Brenda Stevens breaks down what owners need to know about exercising their pets in summer heat.
  • Gustavo Machado is part of a team of scientists trying to figure out why Chincoteague ponies have been under attack by a deadly microorganism.
  • Amy Stieler Stewart, newly appointed assistant researcher professor, wins the 2019 Boehringer Ingelheim Veterinary Graduate Award for her intestinal injury research.

 In the Spotlight

We have been on an amazing, inspirational journey with Kilo, a South Carolina police dog who underwent treatment at the NC State Veterinary Hospital for a gunshot wound in April.

Alumni and Students

  • Spend the day with 2008 graduate Jb Minter, the North Carolina Zoo’s director of animal health who cares for more than 400 animal species.
  • The Class of 2018’s Kat Wood, who oversees 46,000 sows in Illinois and Minnesota, is profiled in National Hog Farmer.
  • Several CVM students garner recognition from the American Association of Avian Pathologists.
  • Janelle Wiser and Caitlyn Mullins earn honors from the American Association of Bovine Practitioners.
  • The South Carolina Aquarium’s chief veterinarian and 2005 CVM graduate Shane Boylan takes Garden & Gun magazine behind the scenes at the aquarium’s Sea Turtle Care Center during a yearlong journey to get a massive injured loggerhead back home.
  • 2004 graduate Jeremy Pittman joins the Swine Health Information Center board of directors.

Donors and Support

  • Terry Seaks calls the CVM “a place where miracles happen.” He recently honored one of his favorite miracle worker, internal medicine professor Adam Birkenheuer.
  • Danielle Barnes will never make it as a professional baseball pitcher. But she’s well on her way to becoming a skilled veterinarian with some help from the Babe and Yogi Scholarship Endowment established by Greensboro Grasshoppers President Donald Moore and Kimberly Moore.