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News and Updates, December 2015

Faculty and Staff 

  • Plos One: NC State CVM researchers (Hiroyuki Mochizuki, Susan G. Shapiro, Matthew Breen) seek improved diagnostics for aggressive canine cancers of lower urinary tract & prostrate
  • Veterinary Practice News: Newest thinking on how to treat deep wounds in pets & horses from NC State CVM clinicians Drs. M Risselada, Anthony Blikslager
  • Veterinary Practice News: Parvovirus is not going away. NC State CVM’s Dr. Marks on ways to detect it & treat it, when to vaccinate for it
  • Journal of the AVMA: NC State CVM in Food Animal Residue Avoidance & Depletion Program (FARAD) study of backyard poultry vet med needs
  • Journal of the AVMA: NC State CVM researchers (Marisa Ames, Clarke Atkins) study high vs standard doses of drugs in suppressing hormone system regulating canine BP
  • Journal of the AVMA: NC State CVM epidemiologist Dr. Levine helps write rules re: zoonotic disease prevention practices for vet personnel
  • NC State CVM behaviorist Barbara Sherman helps engineers build technology allowing owners to monitor health, well-being of guide dogs
  • Drs. Marcellin (CVM) & Harrysson (COE) on NC State’s pioneering prosthetic animal limb tech in Science Cafe video
  • NC State CVM’s Dr. Thakur invited to discuss #OneHealth approach to antimicrobial resistance @ UNL School of Vet Med
  • Journal of the AVMA: NC State CVM researchers (Mischa McDonald-Lynch, Denis Marcellin-Little, Duncan Lascelles, Simon Roe) assess scoring system to aid implant-skin interface issues with external skeletal fixation
  • Journal of the AVMA: NC State CVM prosthetic limb expert (Dr. Denis Marcellin-Little) in collaborative study of using computer models as biomechanical evaluation tools
  • Nature Medicine: NC State CVM’s Dr. Matthew Breen, who helped decode canine genome 10 years ago, continues his #OneHealth cancer research
  • NC State CVM’s Ben Shrauner receives the Resident Large Animal Research Award and the Resident Speaker Exchange Program Award from the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (ACVS)
  • UNC-TV. NC State’s Dr. Kelli Ferris and the CVM mobile hospital and community outreach program featured by UNC-TV’s NC Now. See ‘Watch Video’ (segment @ 11:02)
  • DVM 360. NC State CVM orthopedic expert Dr. Denis Marcellin dispels 3 myths involving canine osteoarthritis
  • Poultry Health Today. Column by NC State CVM’s Dr. Wages on “judicious use of antibiotics”

Alumni and Students 

  • Former NC State CVM grad, cardiology resident Dr. Jessica Ward & technology save pup with congenital heart disease
  • NC State CVM grad (Marcy Simon) offers in-home euthanasia to ease difficult, emotional choice many pet owners must eventually make
  • NC State CVM graduates Drs. Warren & Hemstreet of LakeCross Vet Hospital buy body armor for Huntersville NC K-9 unit
  • NC State CVM doctoral student Erin Quist receives prestigious Young Investigator Award for Toxicologic & Industrial Pathology
  • Congratulations to Dr. Robyn Hahn, NC State CVM 1999 graduate joining New Hope Animal Hospital in Durham, NC
  • Dr. Julie Levy, Operation Catnip co-founder, receives NC State CVM 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award
  • NC State CVM graduate Dr. Jennifer Harris goes to her patients in her fully equipped mobile veterinary clinic
  • NC State CVM student Annie Chavent receives 2015 Markel/ American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation Scholarship Award