News and Updates, January 2019

Faculty and Staff

  • Freya Mowat earns NIH career grant for innovative eye research.
  • Clinical study from Matthew Breen, Shelly Vaden and Claire Wiley to test innovative cancer detection tool, seeks participants.
  • Paula Cray named to presidential advisory committee on antibiotic resistance.
  • Gustavo Machado leads research on a proof-of-concept algorithm to predict porcine epidemic diarrhea virus that has the potential to predict other outbreaks in food animals in real time.
  • Centennial Biomedical Campus grows partnerships to improve health outcomes.

Alumni and Students

  • Video: UNC-TV visits the Turtle Rescue Team for an inside look at rehabilitation efforts.
  • The Class of 2020’s Hannah Varnell is one of this year’s recipients of the Dr. Jack Walther Leadership Award from the Western Veterinary Conference.
  • Ph.D. student Amy Stieler Stewart earns fellowship in support of her colic research.
  • The Class of 2021’s Jamie Madigan selected as an alternate student delegate to American Association of Swine Veterinarians board of directors.
  • A group of third-year students spayed and neutered 50 feral cats in Winston-Salem.  Photos:

Donors and Support

  • Compassionate care motivates the Ryan family to support the NC State Veterinary Hospital.