News and Updates, July 2019

Faculty and Staff

  • Craig Harms checks back in with rehabbed and released sea turtles for a new study.
  • PBS’ “Nova” showcases Gustavo Machado and his research team’s groundbreaking algorithm used to predict the next outbreak of pig virus PEDV.
  • Meet Kaiti May, a surgery technician at the NC State Veterinary Hospital.
  • Meet Rebecca Maher, a clinical social worker at the NC State Veterinary Hospital.
  • The science of creating new soft tissues has advanced lowly. A team that includes CVM researchers is taking on the challenge.
  • Steve Marks chats with WRAL about canine dilated cardiomyopathy and its potential link to grain-free dog food.
  • Meet Richard Linnehan, CVM adjunct professor and a pioneering veterinary astronaut.
  • Anthony Blikslager breaks down how effectively fighting colic starts at home.
  • Craig Harms chats with NC State about what it’s like being stationed at CMAST.
  • In its summer issue, Raleigh Magazine features the CVM, the Veterinary Hospital and researchers advancing medicine across species.
  • Steve Marks talks with WRAL about how to tell if your pet needs help in the heat.
  • Greg Lewbart talks with WRAL about his innovative care for sick fish.
  • Extraordinary care: Study from Hiroto Yoshikawa, Tracy Gieger, Michael Nolan and Katherine Sweet explores new way to treat rare canine cancer.
  • A study co-authored by Thierry Olivry and Keith Linder comprehensively reviews equine vitiligo.

Alumni and Students

  • Postdoctoral research scholar Alix Berglund receives a Careers in Immunology Fellowship from the American Association of Immunologists.
  • The Class of 2021’s Valerie Nelson makes an unexpected discovery with a global impact while talking part in the Veterinary Scholars Program.
  • Postdoctoral fellow Matt Foley awarded a prestigious National Institutes of Health grant for innovative disease research.
  • The Class of 2000’s Rosemary Sifford named veterinary services associate administrator for the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Donors and Support

  • Sarah Blume’s Labrador retriever mix, Amelia, helped her through tough times. With a little help from the Petco and Blue Buffalo foundations, Sarah was able to return the favor.