News and Updates, June 2020

Diversity and Inclusion

Q&A: Allen Cannedy talks about diversity and inclusion at the CVM — and his own experiences as a student and veterinary professional.

In recognition of this year’s Juneteenth and beyond, the CVM is encouraging contributions to the Tracy Hanner Endowed Scholarship, named for the CVM’s first Black graduate.

A Statement From the CVM

We choose to be a culture that values diversity, inclusion, respect, empathy and equality for all.

Faculty and Staff

Laura Nelson talks with JAVMA about the college’s innovative approaches to DVM education in the age of COVID-19.

Karen Munana discusses her study on the user of collar-mounted accelerometers to detect seizures in epileptic dogs with the Morris Animal Foundation.

Julie Nettifee selected as a top-five nationwide finalist for the American Humane Hero Veterinary Nurse Award. Voting runs through Aug. 13.

Tara Harrison recently traveled to Kenya to investigate cancer in wild animals, an extension of her tireless work tracking the disease in zoological medicine.

Knuckles Brad and Yoshi

Brad Brittain holds his two dogs, Knuckles, left, and Yoshi, right. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine

After biting a live wire, a 3-month-old puppy  was referred to the veterinary hospital to treat her injured month. During her stay, she was adopted by Brad Brittain and was named Yoshi.

Welcome to the CVM family: Meet Megan Burke, assistant clinical professor of equine emergency.

Meet Alyson Camire, equine veterinary technician.

Meet Lindsay MacDiarmada, director of hospital information management.

Sid Thakur and Kelly Meiklejohn discuss the power of collaboration fostered through the University Global Partnership Network at NC State.

Research led by Matthew Breen and Catherine Wise shows that dogs can act as early-warning systems for human health. Breen and Wise talked to National Geographic about their work.

Shivaramu Keelara Veerappa receives an IAFP Young Investigator Award for antimicrobial resistance research.

After English shepherd Gracie recovered from a life-threatening injury, she became a morale booster for the hospital staff who worked with her.

A Greensboro Science Center “Inside Discovery” episode featuring Tara Harrison and alumnus Sam Young wins an award.

In the Spotlight

Innovative and Compassionate Care

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Rosie the goat’s cancer treatment and recovery.

Alumni and Students

The Class of 2021’s Irina Perdew saw her vision of creating a pneumatic compression device just for horses is now a reality, thanks to help from NC State’s Andrews Launch Accelerator.

CVM alumni are encouraged to participate in a short, 2-3-minute survey to help us better meet your expectations with CVM-related opportunities.

The Class of 2000’s Joni Shimp continues to do extraordinary work at the Cape Fear Raptor Center.

Donors and Support

Tahj Boston

Tahj Boston. Photo by John Joyner/NC State Veterinary Medicine.

As an undergraduate, Annable Scholar and Class of 2022 member Tahj Boston discovered that there was very little information available to her about how to apply to vet school. That’s when a second passion was born.

Joel Killion and Tate Garrison create the Baby J Fund, a special reserve for hospital clients whose dogs are dealing with complex, chronic medical issues requiring extended care.

“Magical and Feisty”: Kit and Jocky Creasy honor a very special horse through the Gallop of Honor program.

~Jordan Bartel/NC State Veterinary Medicine