News and Updates, March 2019

Faculty and Staff

  • NC State and the NC Horse Council forge partnership focused on the state’s equine industry.
  • Margaret “Peggy” Gross appointed director of the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Rocio Crespo, the CVM’s new professor of poultry health management, brings a magnetic enthusiasm to her work that’s integral to a prosperous North Carolina.
  • Scott Bailey receives funding for innovative research on equine reproductive disease.
  • A new study led by Ed Breitschwerdt describes a Bartonella infection with symptoms mimicking schizophrenia, adding to growing evidence that a Bartonella infections can mimic a host of chronic illnesses.
  • New research co-authored by Liara Gonzalez reveals the body’s “backup plan” for recovering from severe intestinal injury.
  • The equine service offers some guidance following confirmed cases of Potomac horse fever.
  • Patient Spotlight: A joint effort to manage hip pain.
  • Meet Megan Millman, NC State Veterinary Hospital floating clinical technician.
  • Meet Ludovica Chiavaccini, NC State Veterinary Hospital clinical veterinarian in anesthesiology.
  • NC State Veterinary Hospital neurology surgeon Peter Early gives Labrador Cora Belle her feisty spirit back.
  • Amanda Ziegler presents her findings on how firocoxib can help equine colic patients.
  • Hans Westermeyer discusses launching a study identifying anatomical features that predict when a glaucoma attack will occur.

Alumni and Students

Donors and Support

  • The CVM raises nearly $3 million, the most of any individual college, unit or program, during NC State’s first-ever Day of Giving.
  • 2019 CVM scholarship dinner celebrates radical generosity.
  • Neurology resident Lauren Green honored for compassionate care.
  • Thanks to help from a Petco Foundation grant, Brielle the Siamese cat is recovering after treatment for a malignant thymus tumor.
  • Small animal internal medicine resident Nanelle Barash, who never gave up on a particularly mysterious case, receives Coat of Excellence.