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News and Updates, Summer 2015

  • NC State CVM’s Dr. Rich Ford in video on vital vaccinations 
  • Gigi Davidson, director of clinical pharmacy services @ NC State CVM, quoted on changes to veterinary compounding 
  • Michael Stoskopf and Suzanne Kennedy-Stoskopf featured speakers at 4th African Conference on Zoo & Aquatic Medicine Aug. 21-23 in Durban, Soth Africa 
  • Craig Harms, Denis Marcellin: Augie among released sea turtles  Bkg on NC State CVM patient 
  • NC State CVM’s Dr. Brenda Stevens discussed pet health tips @ Governor’s #NCDogDays of summer press conference today 
  • Sea turtle Dory swallowed a hook & ended up @ NC State CVM’s Exotic Animal Medicine Service. Get the “inside” story 
  • NC State CVM expert Dr. Breitschwerdt: It’s possible Bartonella may have contributed to deaths of two veterinarians
  • NC State CVM Dean Lunn: Ensuring health of horses & donkeys critical to 3rd world countries demands diverse solutions 
  • NC State CVM Dr. Lascelles on use of long-term nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to control pet’s arthritis pain 
  • NC State CVM Dr. Lascelles on options for bad joints in aging pets; some clinical evidence for omega-3 fatty acids 
  • Margaret Gruen, Emily Griffith, Andrea Thomson, Wendy Simpson, Duncan Lascelles: NC State CVM pain expert Dr. Lascelles, team study daily low-dose meloxicam for degenerative disease pain in older cats 
  • NC State CVM researcher Niemuth receives Evolutionary Medicine Fellowship for her sea turtle cold stun syndrome work 
  • NC State CVM’s Dr. Anthony Blikslager on treating chronic, tough-to-heal wounds in horses 
  • Kathleen LaDuke; Sarah Ehling. John M. Cullen, Wolfgang Bäumer: NC State CVM researchers in AVMA journal study on effects of anti-cancer & anti-rejection drugs to canine liver cells 
  • Marije Risselada, Kyle G. Mathews, Emily Griffith: NC State CVM AVMA journal article compares techniques for cutaneous & subcutaneous mast cell tumor resections in dogs 
  • Barbara Sherman: Video report on partnership between NC State CVM & Engineering to enhance communication between handler & working dog 
  • UNC-TV report on how NC State Vet Med & Engineering collaboration may improve communication between humans & dogs 
  • Greg Lewbart and Craig Harms: NC State vets on scary smart octopuses that “if they ever evolved into terrestrial creatures, they’d rule the world” 
  • Simon Shane: NC State CVM & CALS poultry veterinarians on possible alternatives to animal agriculture antibiotics  #OneHealth
  • Jennifer Davis: William, Corolla wild horse colt, recovering @ NC State CVM. Update from The Horse  Photos 
  • Barbara Sherman: NC State CVM’s Dr. Sherman tells NBC of health benefits of the #HumanAnimalBond 
  • Matthew Breen: Dogs with naturally occurring tumors aid human oncology studies. NC State CVM Dr. Breen’s Institute of Medicine video 
  • NC State Veterinary Hospital Ophthalmology Service removes cataracts, restores poodle’s sight 
  • Dogs face deadly danger when left even briefly in parked cars when temps are 65+. NC State CVM’s Dr. Marks explains 
  • NC State CVM Dr. Roe on nonsurgical care for dogs with cranial cruciate ligament disease 
  • NC State CVM Dr. Harms & volunteers ready to release rehabbed October. WUNC Photo Dave DeWitt
  • NC State CVM Dr. Thierry Olivry on why basic practices still apply when addressing canine skin allergies 
  • NC State CVM exotic animal specialist Jeff Applegate in Veterinary Practice News article on pet rats & their health 



  • NC State CVM student Tyler Gallaher receives $2,500 client communication scholarship from Bayer Animal Health