News and Updates, November/December 2016

Faculty and Staff

  • The cardiology teams provides hope to a French bulldog from Peru who could not get the necessary surgery in his country.
  • Dean Paul Lunn’s forward-thinking message: “New Plan, New College.”
  • Jeannine Moga offers ways to cope with grieving for a pet during the holidays.
  • The fall/winter edition of the CVM’s Oath profiles rescue efforts for rhinos in South Africa and sea turtles at the North Carolina coast.
  • The cardiology team joins forces with Duke to help Nekot, a Staffordshire terrier in need.
  • How do you keep pets stress-free for the holidays? Barbara Sherman has some advice.

CVM Research 

  • Craig Harms pioneers new science at CMAST.
  • Matthew Breen featured in the Washington Post’s extensive overview of how innovative canine cancer research may improve treatments for humans.
  • New research from Troy Ghashghaei could shed light on neurodevelopmental processes and how to treat traumatic brain injuries in humans.
  • CVM’s work included in a Newsweek editorial on how studying animals will make humans healthier.
  • A look at the CVM’s partnership with Duke Clinical and Translational Science to target a particularly devastating form of bone cancer.
  • Ke Cheng and Troy Ghashghaei named to the new class of University Faculty Scholars.
  • Jody Gookin and Matthew Breen awarded national grants to study canine health.

Alumni and Students

  • Graduate student Alix Berglund is devoted to equine stem cell research.
  • Michael Overton (DVM, ‘90) receives the CVM’s 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award.
  • Scholarship recipient Joe Grennon, class of 2019, is a man with a plan.
  • Daniel Pittman (DVM, ‘04) receives the Science in Practice Award from Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • American Veterinarian walks on the wild side with the Turtle Rescue Team.
  • Efrain Rivera-Serrano, who just earned a Ph.D. in comparative biomedical sciences, discusses his colorful fluorescence microscopy research.

Donors and support

  • Leah Dey’s passion for feline behavioral science leads to the Purrdey Feline Wellness Room.
  • North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation member Kathe Garrison’s distinctive gift to the veterinary hospital will make a big impact.
  • Read more about the CVM’s role in NC State’s Think and Do the Extraordinary capital campaign.
  • Vascular surgeon and New York City native Leila Mureebe on her “improbable arc” of donating to the Teaching Animal Unit Endowment.