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Now Enrolling Dogs with Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma

Principle Investigator

Dr. Paul Hess


NC State Veterinary Hospital is enrolling patients for a clinical trial of an experimental immunotherapy for the treatment of bladder cancer. The primary purpose of this study is to investigate the safety and immune-stimulating properties of a novel therapy being developed at NCSU. There will be multiple dosing groups during this study.

Testing Requirements

• 12-day study, minimum of 3 days hospitalization.
o Return for outpatient samples on day 4 and 8.
 May include outpatient sample collection on day 5 and 12.
• 3 dogs per dosing group.
o Can re-enroll AFTER 3 dogs have finished the study.
• General anesthesia or sedation for U-Cath purposes.
• IL-12 infused into bladder and removed after 1 hour.
• Owner diary and questionnaire’s to be completed.
• Multiple blood draws and urine collection.

Enrollment Start


Enrollment Finish



• Any breed or sex.
• Weigh more than 8 kgs.
• Histologically diagnosed.
• Can be invasive.
• Can have been previously treated with chemo, radiation, etc.
o 1 month wash out of RT and/or chemotherapy.
• Can have metastases.
• End stage or new.




For additional information contact the Clinical Studies Core: or 919-515-3634