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One Health Commission Relocates to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park

The One Health Commission has relocated its headquarters to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park where it will continue to “enhance interdisciplinary collaborations among all health arenas.”

Previously located at Iowa State University, the OHC brings together physicians, veterinarians, and other professionals concerned with human, animal, and environmental health to address local, national, and global health concerns.

Cheryl Stroud DVM, PhD, previously the American Veterinary Medical Association representative to the One Health Commission and the chair of the North Carolina One Health Collaborative, has been named Executive Director of the OHC.

“The health and well-being of people, animals and the environment are directly interconnected,” says Dr. Stroud. “Many complicated disease processes occur at the interface of various health disciplines and require multidisciplinary health professionals to diagnose and prevent them by working co-equally, together, rather than in silos.”

Chartered in 2009, the OHC has been under the leadership of Roger Mahr, DVM, a former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association who has retied after serving as the organization’s chief executive officer.

The relocation of the Commission to North Carolina is fitting in that in 2008, a group of NC State College of Veterinary Medicine students wanted to meet with medical and public health peers from Duke University and the University of North Carolina to discuss the concept that the health of the people, wild and domestic animals, and the environment is inextricably linked.

The CVM students wanted a structure for students and faculty to share perspectives and expertise on mutually interesting topics in related health fields. The idea became a reality with the formation of a One Health Intellectual Exchange Group.

In a related development, a group of area health professionals formed the North Carolina One Health Collaborative in partnership with the Triangle Global Health Consortium.

The Consortium’s aggressive mission: engage academic, governmental, business, and nonprofit organizations to establish North Carolina as an international center for research, training, education, advocacy, and business dedicated to improving the health of the world’s communities.

As part of the collaborative growth, Dr. Stroud became the chair the One Health Collaborative and managed the Intellectual Exchange Group.

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