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NC State TraumaDogs Study: Applying New Theories and Treatments in Canine Trauma Care

March 1, 2017

Beginning in early 2017, NC State Veterinary Hospital will be recruiting severely injured dogs for enrollment in a clinical trial testing a clot-stabilizing drug called tranexamic acid (TXA). In humans, early administration of TXA following trauma significantly reduces mortality and risk of death from hemorrhage. The drug works by blocking the natural process clot breakdown (fibrinolysis). In health, fibrinolysis is essential for maintaining the normal balance between clotting and bleeding.

However, this process becomes unbalanced after trauma and can lead to excessive clot breakdown which is associated with continued bleeding, need for massive blood transfusion, and increased risk of death. The objective of this study is to determine the efficacy of a proposed TXA treatment protocol to reverse fibrinolysis in dogs with hemorrhagic shock due to due to trauma. This will be the first prospective evaluation of clinical efficacy of tranexamic acid in the dog following trauma and is funded by the United States Special Operations Command to advance trauma care for military dogs.

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The NC State College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to host this information session offering 1 hour CVME. There is no charge for veterinarians. Dinner is included.

Registration & Dinner 6:00pm
Presentation 6:30 – 7:30pm

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