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Selected Topics in Cytology

Available On Demand and Ad Free!


Jennifer Neel, DVM, Dip. ACVP (Clinical)
Assistant Dean of Student Development

The course will cover the following lectures in Cytology:

  • Introduction to Cytology
  • Inflammation and Etiologic Agents
  • Classification of Cell Types and Cell Reactions

The registration fee for this online course is $20. The course offers two (2) hours of continuing veterinary medical education credits, as approved by the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board.



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At NC State, we offer a variety of scientific-clinical programs that include both evidence and case based subject matter. This includes the science of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease as it relates directly to patients. Additional topics in veterinary science that are not specifically clinical in nature but consider the comprehensive range of the practice of veterinary medicine are also offered. 

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