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Christopher Dekaney PhD

Asst Professor

CVM Main Building D336



Postdoctoral Fellow Baylor College of Medicine 2001-2004
Instructor Baylor College of Medicine 2004-2007
Assistant Professor University of North Carolina 2007-2015


BS Texas A&M University 1993 Biomedical Sciences
MS Texas A&M University 1996 Veterinary Anatomy
PhD Texas A&M University 2001 Veterinary Anatomy
Postdoctoral Baylor College of Medicine 2001-2004 Intestinal Cell Biology

Area(s) of Expertise

The primary focus of my research program is studying and understanding mechanisms that influence intestinal stem cell proliferative status, particularly following damage. Our current lines of study involve delineating:
the roles Paneth cells, from the intestinal epithelium, play in epithelial repair – particularly within the context of providing a stem cell niche,
how enteric bacteria influence damage and repair of the intestinal mucosa – particularly communication between enteric bacteria and resident leukocytes within the lamina propria, and
the influence growth factors have on repair – particularly DNA damage repair and stem cell expansion
Delineating how these compartments influence mucosal damage and repair will not only provide us a better understanding the mechanisms involved in these processes, but will ultimately lead us to therapies that can be used clinically to minimize such damage and potentially increase efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation strategies for treating cancer. I have experience mentoring students and post-doctoral fellows and have set up my lab to be conducive to training in the arena of basic science. As I am still gaining experience mentoring M.D. fellows I have accumulated a group of senior clinical and basic science faculty at UNC to aid me in providing sound laboratory and career mentorship.


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