Reedy Creek Equine Farm Officially Opens 

The Reedy Creek Equine Farm, a state-of-the-art home for horse reproductive services, has opened as part of a greater investment in advanced equine care at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine. 

The facility, mere minutes away from the CVM campus, is a shared space for faculty and students from the CVM and the NC State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. 

Reedy Creek is the latest addition to the CVM’s arsenal of cutting-edge equine education and health services. It joins the Tiffany and Randy Ramsey Equine Sports Medicine Program, which was endowed in 2016 and supports the equine service’s groundbreaking work treating performance-related diseases. 

At the opening ceremony, attended by major donors and dignitaries including NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson, CVM Dean Paul Lunn discussed how the equine industry plays an increasingly important role in North Carolina — it has a $3.44 billion yearly impact on the state’s economy.

Reedy Creek Opening Celebration Event Photo Gallery