NC State CVM CCMTR Researcher Looking Through Microscope

Center for Comparative Medicine and Translational Research

Gathering scientists from multiple disciplines to find solutions that improve the health of animals and humans


Promoting Scientific Discovery and Facilitating its Clinical Application 

The Center is dedicated to promoting scientific discovery and facilitating its clinical application to achieve the goal of improving the health of animals and humans. Translational research is patient-centric. The needs of the patients direct the emphasis of basic research, patient samples provide the critical resource to investigate the basis of disease, and patient participation in clinical studies is required to generate the evidence needed to apply new drugs, vaccines and technology to the broader patient population. We believe that, in working with animals, we can help both animals and humans, known as One Medicine.

Initiatives at the Center are designed to develop the multidisciplinary teams necessary to bring an idea from the lab to the patient. The Center is home to more than 130 scientists from 24 different academic departments and five NC State colleges all working together.

The Center also offers services to researchers that include providing advanced technology, collect and storing clinical patient samples, and performing clinical trials to validate new medical interventions. In addition, the Center funds pilot grants that help to develop ideas, support student training, and provide outreach. Through funds specifically established for this mission under the direction of the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Foundation, (CCMTR) researchers help to drive this discovery forward and help impact the lives of patients.