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Aging Dogs Trial

Example Videos and Frequently Asked Questions

Example Videos

Mobility & Stability Assessment Videos

Cognitive Testing Videos

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the supplement being tested safe for my dog to take?
    • The supplements we are using have been given to healthy dogs of different ages with no side effects noted.
    • The supplements are considered extremely safe based on testing in many different species including humans, so adverse effects are not anticipated, however, monitoring is in place to ensure the safety of our participants.
  • How do you monitor for adverse reactions to the supplement?
    • We ask owners to report any problems that dogs in our trials experience. These reports will be reviewed by the study safety monitor in order to identify any possible adverse effect as early as possible. In addition, all dogs will have blood work performed after the first month to monitor for any blood value changes.
  • Is there a way I can ensure my dog gets the supplement rather than the placebo?
    • Unfortunately no. All dogs are randomly assigned to a treatment group to ensure that there is no bias in the clinical trial and that we can therefore truly assess whether the supplements have a beneficial effect.
  • Will I be informed whether my dog is receiving the supplement or the placebo?
    • Not while the trial is ongoing. This is a blinded study, meaning only the pharmacist knows which treatment a participant is receiving.
    • Once the trial is complete and the statistical analysis has been performed, you can be informed of the treatment group.
  • My dog is not eligible for the study based on the enrollment survey. Is there still a way they could participate in the study?
    • Unfortunately, the study requires specific criteria for a dog to be eligible to participate. If you are still interested in enrolling your dog, you may consider one of our other ongoing studies on aging in dogs.
  • What benefits will I receive if my dog participates in the study?
    • Blood work and urinalysis are performed at the start of the study and at regular intervals throughout the study, free of charge. The results of these tests will be provided to you for your records.
    • Your dog will undergo detailed physical examinations at each evaluation, including assessments of their orthopedic and neurologic systems. The findings of these exams will be reported to you.
    • Most dogs enjoy the cognitive testing in part because they get a lot of treats, and in part because they seem to enjoy the mental stimulation.
    • You have the opportunity to contribute to research that may play a crucial role in improving the quality of life of older dogs in the future.
  • What are the potential risks associated with the study?
    • Risks of participating in this clinical trial are considered minimal. The supplements are extremely safe so adverse effects are not anticipated. Safety monitoring is in place in the event that an unanticipated adverse effect occurs.
    • The study does require walking and gait assessment, which could result in a fall or exacerbate signs of pain due to arthritis; however, extreme caution is taken when asking our participants to perform tasks and we will stop if they are showing any signs of weakness, exhaustion, or evidence that they cannot safely complete the task.
    • Blood draws may be associated with transient discomfort, but are routine procedures that do not typically result in pain or complications.
  • Will my personal information be protected?
    • All data provided will be confined to the researchers involved in the project only. Papers describing the results of the study will not identify individual dogs. We will store videotapes of your dog walking or performing cognitive tests for scoring purposes. If you consent, we may use these videos for scientific presentations. You may still participate in the study even if you elect not to allow us to use these videos outside of testing.
  • What if I decide I no longer want to participate in the study part way through?
    • Participation in this study is voluntary and you have the right to withdraw at any time for any reason.