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Population Health and Pathobiology

Department of Population Health and Pathobiology

We educate new generations of experts in the field of food animal health and epidemiology and develop solutions that reduce the health and economic risks of animal-transmitted diseases.

Poultry Health Management 

Poultry health management professionals work to prevent the onset of disease or parasites in flocks. They are trained to recognize at an early stage the presence of disease or parasites and to treat all flocks that are diseased or infested with parasites as soon as possible.

NC State Veterinary Medicine Poultry Health Management faculty and staff are dedicated to advancing the field and to teaching, research, and outreach programs that are responsive to the present and future needs of students, poultry and allied industries, the veterinary profession, and scientific communities. We provide undergraduate, veterinary, and postgraduate instruction in poultry health. Additionally, we are committed to providing expertise, services, and resources to individuals, the poultry industry, and veterinarians by:

  • Providing clinical services to clients, industry, and government through problem solving and consultation.
  • Conducting basic and applied research on poultry health and production with an emphasis on emerging problems affecting the North Carolina poultry industry.
  • Offering continuing education programs for poultry health professionals.
  • Ongoing expansion of a poultry education resource center based on a multimedia digital library for development of distance learning and teaching support.

We provide a focus program for DVM students interested in all aspects of poultry medicine. Additionally, we offer a unique opportunity for post-veterinary professional development through a Clinical Residency program in Poultry Health & Welfare. Our education is based on traditional foundations of poultry medicine (pathology, microbiology, medicine, and production) and on allied disciplines (communications, economics, biotechnology, epidemiology, information management, and systemic analysis).

For more information about opportunities within the Poultry Program, please see links below:

Other Learning Experiences

During the first three years of your education, students may be approved to work at the TAU in the management of the poultry flocks. Student paid employment at the Poultry TAU is encouraged when funds are available. This experience is limited and must be approved by Dr. Guy.

Students may also have the opportunity to work with certain Poultry Health Management faculty on certain research projects during the academic year and/or in the summer months depending on availability of funding. Other opportunities exist to gain summer experiences with integrated poultry companies. Depending on availability. They are usually reserved for students with a primary interest in poultry health management. Both turkey and broiler companies offer these opportunities for summer employment. Contact Dr. Borst for information.

Financial Resources

 USDA Multicultural Scholarship 

Five USDA Multicultural Scholarships are available to minority students who are interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Poultry Science at NC State University.

Students must be juniors in high school who are pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Poultry Science (science or technology concentrations can be selected). Students must apply and be admitted to the Department of Poultry Science at NC State by upcoming Fall. Eligible applicants for the scholarship must apply for the grant and undergo an interview process. The majority of students who complete a B.S. in Poultry Science go on to become leaders in the state, national, and international poultry industry, veterinary school to pursue careers in poultry medicine, graduate school to pursue careers in research and education, and agricultural biotechnology.

The total scholarship package is $40,000 over the course of four years – $6,500 annual scholar tuition; a $2,500 annual education allowance to apply towards attendance at conferences, field trips, and educational activities; and a $4,000 one time student experiential learning fund to an international externship in Poultry Science at an international university/organization. Contact Dr. Jackie Golden to apply.

 Preceptorship Program 

American Association of Avian Pathologists provides students with financial assistance to cover externship expenses.